1. Isene

    1984: Looking to partner up with a US publisher

    From the blog post (http://isene.me/2013/10/30/1984-looking-to-partner-up-with-a-us-publisher/): After really good responses from readers in the Norwegian market, my publisher (Humanist Forlag) is looking for a US publiser as a partner to release my book to the English speaking market...
  2. Isene

    Book release: "1984" by Geir Isene

    Link to blog post: http://isene.me/2013/09/16/book-1984/ There is media attention regarding my book release today. I added the most important media appearances on my blog: The most read Norwegian magazine (Se & Hør) featured Anette and me in a 4-page article today (17th). This was also their...
  3. Isene

    Scientology book release: 1984

    "Nineteen eightyfour. My way into Scientology’s inner secrets – and out again." My blog post on the release On September 18th @ 18:00 there will be the book release event in Oslo. The book is in Norwegian (for now). And it relates my story from before Scientology, my journey into and out of...