1. AnonKat


    I really do miss him, I love the guy
  2. Smurf

    Anon Sparrow back to protesting the DC Org..

    I love the man's shoes...
  3. Mest Lover

    AnonSparrow to the rescue

    Who is that mild mannered protester?
  4. paradox

    Anonsparrow FDA E-Meter Petition

    A quick search didn't show this info posted at ESMB. Per the source site, docs were posted March 31st (see snapshot below).
  5. TEoS

    AnonSparrow NOT GUILTY on both counts.

    05/04/2011 Event Resulted - Release Status: Event Resulted - Release Status: TRIAL BY COURT - NOT GUILTY BOTH COUNTS The following event: Trial Resumed scheduled for 05/04/2011 at 2:00 pm has been resulted as follows: Result: Trial Held and Completed Judge: NASH, STUART G Location: Courtroom...
  6. Big Farmer

    190.1,2 Sparrow Scientology Protest

    AnonSparrow doing what he does best.
  7. AnonKat

    AnonSparrow making love to Montreal Org

    188.0 Anonymous Scientology Protest WWP:
  8. Div6

    Sparrow Update
  9. AnonKat

    AnonSparrow joins Clearwater Anonymous

    185.0 Anonymous Scientology Protest 185.1 Anonymous Scientology Protest
  10. AnonKat

    ANONSPARROW deserves caps. Brians Epic Youtube: :thumbsup:
  11. AnonKat

    Scilon Admits Setup AnonSparrow

    Scilon Admits Setup AnonSparrow AND try with Radiopaul Scientology Protest DC 8-21-2010-1
  12. U

    To AnonSprroow

    Like I said in my PM to you Hope things go well today. A number of us are thinking o' you in your court hearing
  13. AnonKat

    Reverse Scientology Propoganda creators youtube:
  14. U

    Auction/s and bits for Sparrow

    Sparrow info Sparrow's Paypal link [email protected] Now have an address for Sparrow ..
  15. U

    Sparrow now set to be arrested for stalking!

    Sparrow now set to be arrested for stalking!
  16. P

    UPDATE: KENDRICK MOXON representing Kim Belotte against Sparrow

    A little birdie just told me that Mr. Kendrick Moxon just came to defend Kim Bellote against the charges against Sparrow...... Why is he representing her in this matter that has nothing to do with the COS? interesting....
  17. P


    As some of you may know, Sparrow - a fearless protester who always exemplifies courageousness, consistency, persistence while serving as an emancipator and educator against the crimes of Scientology was handed his TRO papers on July 24th. His case is being held today, July 26th. Sparrow was...
  18. SignPost

    Sparrow gets assaulted and a Goldenrod all in one video.

    The title says it all. Enjoy the celebration.
  19. Infinite

    Sparrow and Radio Paul - EPIC !

    Sparrow is joined by Radio Paul who brings visual aids. Watch as dumb founded OTs call the police, laugh, chuckle, and lie through their teeth in the face of the autopsy photos. This is what Scientology does to you: First of seven EPIC vids:
  20. D

    San Francisco Post Raid - June 13, 2010

    In celebration on the recent promotion of AnonSparrow to Chairman of the Board (C.O.B.) Anonymous of San Francisco celebrated his wins with a Hawaiian themed raid. Copypasta of raid report posted by XSR. "So the AnonSparrow raid... Great turnout! Great fun! Great wins! Starting very early...
  21. AnonKat

    Scientology Tries To Tell Sparrow What To Do

    sKepptiksowat — 26 mei 2010 — Let it load and crank it up loud anonsparrow1 is the most dedicated protester with more than 155 protests the bulk of which were solo raids. He is a champion for the memory of Lisa McPherson and is very quick with the one-liners. Here is my tribute to Sparrow on...
  22. Div6

    Sparrow brings out the Bots!

    Ronbots that is! He must really be getting under their skin. Moar!
  23. AnonKat

    Sparrow Goes to Sunday Service / may 16

    Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
  24. Div6

    AnonSparrow - 5 May Looks like he's got a games condition going with the ED DC Day... Dude at 4:55 is Charles Katke....long time staff guy.
  25. AnonKat

    AnonSparrow battling Yellow Tents may 2

    145.1 Anonymous Scientology Protest DC
  26. AnonKat

    Sparrow Partying at DC Org
  27. AnonKat

    AnonSparrow april 9

    Thanks to ESMB, WWP and Youtube Intel and his own spy-network Anonsparrow gets to know peoples names.
  28. AnonKat

    DC april 7 AnonSparrow at Cause
  29. flashgordon

    Sparrow Watch

    Here are some of anonsparrow's latest protests from the DC Ideal Org.
  30. DCAnon

    Sparrow raid 93! Lol at them still pimping out the young gals to hand out their hate literature.