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  1. Zhent

    AOSH ANZO/ Misc ANZO Newsletter/Promo Leak Thread

    Similar to the other ANZO Org threads, this is the dumping ground for miscellaneous promo and crap coming out of ANZO that doesn't fit into the other Org threads. Some recent stuff: What happened to the last Freewinds consultant? BRISBANE IDEAL...
  2. Zhent

    AOSH ANZO Pricelists 1985-2006

    A collection of AOSH ANZO Pricelists from 1985-2006 from Advance! AOSH ANZO magazine inserts. 16 pricelists in total, unfortunately not evenly spread out over the 21 years. Download zip: I tried to do a quick analysis of the cost changes in a...
  3. I

    Carly Crutchfield AOSH ANZO Document Leak

    Hi All, There is an interesting KR on the daughter of the Captain of AOSH ANZO - Kerry Crutchfields daughter - Carly Crutchfield, which has just been posted today at Specific link here...