1. Caroline

    APA Medical Director on Hubbard and Dianetics (August, 1950)

    [Emphasis added.] * Dr. Joseph A. Winter View this document on archive.org
  2. Martin-O

    SP-Declare & Fair Game Order - Ralph Glaser

    Cross-posted from WWP: Here is a random but typical mid-sixties SP-Declare & Faire Game Order on a public Scientologist:
  3. S

    A Small Piece of Heavy Reading, a Psyche on Scientology!!!

    Hey there people, I was trawling the net today reading various articles trying to find a document I read years ago in a public library to share with this site on mind control techniques, when I stumbled upon this doozy. A special thank you to the www.lermanet.com site. It appears to be an...