1. E

    Scientology’s dirtiest secret: Where is their missing Queen?

    60 Minutes Australia Scientology’s dirtiest secret: Where is their missing Queen? Vanished for 13 years #60Mins investigates what really happened to Shelly Miscavige 8.30 Sunday on Channel 9
  2. Free to shine

    Aussie census of scientologists and Int Base closing?

    From the Underground Bunker. Int Base:
  3. L

    Sci in Aus

    Oct 23, 2016
  4. Free to shine

    A Christmas Eve treat: Bryan Seymour on scientology in Australia 2016

    From Tony Ortega: A Christmas Eve treat: Our man Down Under on Scientology’s antipodean troubles in 2016 Read the whole report:
  5. L

    RTC in Australia

    Could members help me with information on: Religious Technology Center in Australia. Physical Address (Head Office): Person in Charge & title: website/s: ABN: Organisations they run: Any stories on current events would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Anonycat

    Scientology’s secret riches revealed (AU)

    THE Church of Scientology netted close to $30 million from religious audits, book sales and donations in the two years following the launch of a major new base in Melbourne. The opening of the multi-million dollar facility in Ascot Vale at the start of 2011 also lead to a 35 per cent surge in...
  7. Zhent

    AOSH ANZO/ Misc ANZO Newsletter/Promo Leak Thread

    Similar to the other ANZO Org threads, this is the dumping ground for miscellaneous promo and crap coming out of ANZO that doesn't fit into the other Org threads. Some recent stuff: What happened to the last Freewinds consultant? BRISBANE IDEAL...
  8. G


    Amazing! I can't believe this hasn't been posted yet! Julian Assange is running for the Australian Senate. How about it, Aussies? How well do you think he and Nick Xenophon would work together? :thumbsup: :yes...
  9. Zhent

    AOSH ANZO Pricelists 1985-2006

    A collection of AOSH ANZO Pricelists from 1985-2006 from Advance! AOSH ANZO magazine inserts. 16 pricelists in total, unfortunately not evenly spread out over the 21 years. Download zip: I tried to do a quick analysis of the cost changes in a...
  10. mnql1

    Sen. Xenophon calls for "cult watchdog" agency

    Call for agency watch on cults
  11. gridlock

    Melbourne Anti-Scientology Facebook Page

    Melbourne Anonymous has created this facebook page to help keep people informed about the protests, events going on regarding Scientology and the fight against Scientology, etc. Privacy is ensured due to facebook's new Page layout where the list of who likes it if private. Thankfully...
  12. L

    Auditor needed

    Is there anyone ouside of the CofS in Australia who is delivering auditing? I need a good freezone auditor for someone there - should be at least a Class 5. Please PM me if you know of anyone.
  13. gridlock

    Melbourne: December 11th

    Time: 12.30 Place: Flinders Street Station Details: Another year is passing, and another Christmas is coming up. ...due to Scientology's disconnection policy, how many families are without loved ones? How many families are out there wishing their son, their daughter, their mother or...
  14. gridlock

    Melbourne: 17th of July - WE NEED YOU EXSCN

    Hey everyone, Melbourne Anonymous are back again, ready and willing to protest against the crimes of Organised Scientology. I'm sure all of you saw Scientology being questioned in parliament last week, and I'm sure (hoping at least) all of you want to see Scientology fail the Public...
  15. Anonycat

    Now - The Most Important 2 Weeks Ever Seen

    Thousands of Scientologists have walked away from the cult, including me. The oldest one I know was a Dianetic Auditor around 1950, and it was obvious that it didn't work then. How many of us can say that we are surrounded by ex-Scientologists? I know I can. Some of my friends worked with Ron...
  16. gridlock

    Melbourne: June 19th Protest

    Hello everyone! Many MANY thanks to everyone who made it to the last protest. It was the biggest, most energetic anti-scientology protest Melbourne has seen for so long. Thanks to Paul Schofield, Free To Shine, and our other lovely ex-scientologist for coming. It was the icing on the delicious...
  17. gridlock

    Melbourne: Saturday April 17th (Protest Scientology & Fair Game)

    In light of the assault which took place in Melbourne against a protester last Saturday and the news of many other protesters getting assaulted across the world, Melbourne Anonymous' next protest against the Church of Scientology will be focusing on Fair Game. We are requesting all...
  18. AnonyMary

    VOTE NOW! 2 Active Media Polls for today on scrutiny of Scn & Senate Inquiry

    Your votes are needed. I didn't see this up here for today but it was up at WWP. 2 current active polls is Australia: Do you think there should be an inquiry into the Church of Scientogy in Australia? Just vote! A Current Affair > The latest news on Australia's most current affairs...
  19. D

    ABC Oz Poll - Should the CoS have charitable status? I do not believe that the Church of Scientology does any genuine charitable activities. Because of the tax-exemption the Australian Government is effectively subsidising and perpetuating the continuing abuses. update: Poll is now closed
  20. gridlock

    Melbourne: 13th of February (Celebration + Raid)

    Hey my lovely ex-scientologist friends :) Hope that you're enjoying a cult free new year and that February is being friendly to you all. Just letting you guys know that in Melbourne on the 13th of February, we're having another protest! We'd really REALLY love to have you guys along, so if...
  21. gridlock

    Protest: MELBOURNE: 23rd January 2010

    Happy new year you lovely and awesome ex-scientologists! :D Kenji from Melbanon here letting you know of another protest against the Church of Scientology which will be happening in Melbourne this month. We've been doing this for almost two years now, (oh my), and in the past few months our...
  22. Doom


    Dear All, After confirming this through some backchannel sources from America it looks like OSA has sent or will be sending an Operative to Australia, Yeah I didn't believe it, but yes that is what has been said to me through a backchannel contact. Looks like the Mission is to infiltrate the...
  23. AnonyMary

    Tonite's Dollhouse: A Xenophon/Scn Takeoff?

    Anyone watching tonite's Dollhouse Show? I'm watching the EST 8pm show. A Senator Xenophon/Australia Scientology Takeoff? It's about a Senator who announces a subcommittee inquiry on The Dollhouse, stating that they took 3 years of a woman's life. And then they have the woman speak up talking...
  24. gridlock

    Melbourne: December 19th Protest

    After the awesome, awesome, awesome raid here in November where epic ex-scientologist Paul Schofield showed up, we will be continuing the fight once more. Our last raid was perhaps the most successful raid we have had in a hell of a long time, perhaps even (if i dare say so myself), EVER...