1. La La Lou Lou

    Everyone is invited to Birmingham UK 7th September fun day.

    Hello old friends, Aunty La La here, I've been busy having a life and all that sort of thing, been watching from a distance. Just now I had an invitation to a wonderful fun day multi cultural event I thought it would be nice to share with you guys as it's in the Idle Morgue in Birmingham UK that...
  2. Albion

    New Birmingham Ideal Org: any local ex-members out there?

    Hi folks, Posting here as I don't see a recent thread on this. As I'm now based in Birmingham, looking to contact anyone involved in the Birmingham protest next weekend -- but also any local ex-members, or folk who have worked at the Birmingham org. I want to do a series of stories, starting...
  3. johnAnchovie

    Telegraph, Gaurdian and Yahoo News: Scientologist Author fakes his own reviews

    Shock and horror as it is discovered that HES and Chief Reg and part time author, Roger Ellory of The Church of Scientology Birmingham pushes his own stats...