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  1. JBWriter

    Bob Adams - Church of Scientology International Vice-President -- April 2014

    Since Bob Adams' name has come up on other threads/posts here @ ESMB, I did a simple Google search to try and learn if he is still an active member of Co$. Here's a link that popped up near the top of Google's simple search results page - it provides a short, but informative, historical...
  2. C

    Bob Adams on KGO Wed Jan 13

    From WWP: Spokesperson for the cult to be interviewed on KGO 810AM in San Francisco on Wednesday January 13. 10 a.m. - Bob Adams, Church of Scientology Questions can be emailed to the host, Ronn Owens at [email protected] KGO AM 810 Newstalk Radio, San Francisco...
  3. Doom

    Bob Adams, 99 out 100 are footbullets

    In the last week, we here in OZ were graced with the presence of Bob Adams, and he had an interview here on TV (real soft interview). In this Interview he stated that there were 250,000 scn in Australia, I dont believe him but I'm not arguing that point he can have it for all I care. It's not...
  4. I

    SP hall....Bob Adams??

    How soon will it be that Bob ends up in SP hall?
  5. Carmel

    Bob Adams, Vice President of CofS Int, coming to Oz

    Here's a BMO which Spirited got a hold of, to the Melbourne field: A Special Address from Mr Bob Adams, Vice President of the Church: Dear Fellow Scientologist: I am the Vice President of the Church of Scientology. In a few days I will be joining you for a very important occasion. Together we...
  6. Terril park

    OSA INT Staff List

    Over the last 6 months or so the number of staff at OSA Int has dropped to a third or a quarter it seems. Now 21, down from 75-100. I gather that the first post on the thread below will be a running account of known people in OSA. The main source of this info is Chuck Beeaty who has...
  7. Free to shine

    More OSA goons and tactics revealed- BlownForGood Thinning the herd one by one! It seems they are running out of Public Relations people to throw under the bus. It used to be that if you were going to be on one of these PR posts, you had to be OT 3 or above. That way when someone...
  8. Tigger


    Greg Beha TAKES ON Narconon IN STUDIO 1/27 with Vince Daniels Group: alt.religion.scientology Date: Tue, Jan 23, 2007, 8:16pm (CST-2) From: [email protected] The gloves are off as Greg Beha flies in to Southern California to meet with and join me on the air this Saturday...