1. KnightVision

    Anyone want Scientology Books-?

    Hi Everyone, I've been MIA for a few years, off living my life and taking care of things. I'm doing fairly well and I hope the same for all of you here. I am clearing out my attic of cobwebs and what not and came face-to-face with my collection of Scientology books from years past, which...
  2. TrevAnon

    List of books about Scientology

    Of course there is the big list, and the list with disconnection accounts. But did you know there is also a list of books about the Church of Scientology...? Here it is!
  3. G


    Hi, new to the board, but been out for almost 10 years now and have almost erased every trace of Scn from my life except one. I have ended up being lumped with someones books and lectures and magazines and so on that I was meant to be storing for a while. Anyone know how someone who might want...
  4. mnql1

    Russia: Customs blocking entry of banned Hubbard books

    Unofficial translation of a Russian article posted on May 31, 2012 on the website of the Northwest Customs Directorate of the Russian Federation: Below: Screen...
  5. Zhent

    Leak: Dianetics and Scientology 2011 Catalog Price List (UK + ANZO)

    Two offerings: The Dianetics and Scientology materials catalog for Holiday 2011, including price lists, for ANZO and the UK. The UK one is a simple 4 page price list and order form while the ANZO edition is a massive 76 page booklet and goes into much detail of the items. Screenshots and...
  6. AnonKat

    Vintage Scientology Audio Tapes and Books (English and Dutch) TRANSLATION