1. R

    Fair Gamed by Scientologists in the Boston area

    I've never been a Scientologist, and I've never even read Dianetics. I've also never said anything negative about Scientology as far as I can remember. It hasn't even been on my radar. However, I find myself being constantly fair gamed by Scientologists and am not sure why it is happening. It...
  2. practice

    anyone know where these froods ended up? (boston, late 1990s-early 2000s)

    Bunch of kids I grew up with in Boston. Anyone seen them around? Are any of them out? Lorraine Jones Hannah Coleman Andrew Heald Jocy Boucher Matt & Matt Devin and Tyler Wiggins Dakota Rachel Mackay Landry boys Bridgette and Julie Figueiredo
  3. uniquemand

    Boston Ex-Staff and Public Gathering

    Hi, I'm looking to see people I knew on staff, or who were public at the time when I was on staff (and other times, what the hell, let's be inclusive). I'd like to shoot for August, at some point. Would probably be fun to get together, in person, and maybe shoot some pool and have some drinks...
  4. NCSP

    Scientology To Demolish Historic Washington Building

    I just hate stories like this. They let historic buildings sit there for years, letting them fall apart and then claim to save them afterward, as if using slave labor to turn a place into a Fascist-kitsch cult HQ is being a good caretaker of historic property. Anyway, there's a comment here...
  5. Mest Lover

    Any ex-Scientologists in Boston? Press inquiry (crosspost wwp)

    Any ex-Scientologists in Boston? Press inquiry
  6. myrklix


    Since there's no thread on Boston I thought I'd start one. Being a newbie I'm not sure if cross-posting (so I don't repeat myself) is o.k. so let me know if there's a better way. There's news of Boston I've posted in this other thread as well as some embedded text from OCMB's Org Patrol...