1. Caroline

    Brainwashing: A Synthesis Of The Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics

    I have posted two editions of Brainwashing: A Synthesis Of The Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics, aka "The Brainwashing Manual" to, where these documents can be viewed/downloaded. This numbered letter insert was tucked into the first manual: Also see my collection of...
  2. RogerB


    Reading the article linked below caused me to realize thought control and "brainwashing" can be one and the same thing. Of course folks who have been unwittingly subjected to "Thought Control" routinely don't know that their ability to think and analyze is impaired. The linked following...
  3. Free to shine

    Special Needs for Second Generation Ex-Cult Members

    Although this article doesn't specfically mention scientology, it does of course work exactly the same way. We are now up to 4th or even 5th generation scientologists, and it's a subject I hope gets a lot more discussion and attention. I know it's a problem in my family...
  4. Free to shine

    Survival Rundown (SRD) as ultimate mind control

    I hope this really is end days and that the few left in scientology who can still think at all leave before completing this. Jeff Hawkins sums it up nicely...
  5. S


    Do you fear someone you know is in a cult? Sky Vision Productions are currently developing a new TV documentary series looking at cults in the UK. We are looking for families and friends who believe a loved one is currently affected by a cult. If you believe you know someone who is in a cult...
  6. A

    definitely an adventure

    Just as a preface to this story I am going to include as much detail as humanely possible without revealing my possible identity to the church (never got declared and still have family who i would rather not disconnect from). It begins as any other typical sea org story. I was introduced to...
  7. AnonKat

  8. AnonKat

    The hollowing of Dan Murnan (Scientology victim)
  9. Karen#1

    Jason Barclay ~~ recent blow from CLO WUS ~~~ The Inside story of ABUSE

    Jason tells his now familiar story of shocking internal abuse on Mike Rinder's new blog. It is long, but so worth the read because he only fled MONTHS ago. Present time accuracy. I met Jason at a party and he...
  10. Anonycat

    Scientology, a religion? a Sociological approach. I found this short article interesting - it tells from the writer's perspective what their evaluation is, in examining scientology from this outside. To read the entire article...
  11. A

    link for Paul Morantz article : Escape from L Ron Hubbard Way Just found this :) Morantz is a US lawyer specializing in cults and brainwashing . He wrote this article in July 2011 . If the link doesnt work check out his site
  12. M

    I simply have no words

    On Friday, I sang a concert in Munich, Germany. There I met with one of my dearest friends, a former Sea Org Member, who stood by my side during all the negative fall-out that I experienced due to my association with Scientology. This woman lost her job 6 times because of her association with...
  13. G

    Bill Frank's story about brainwashing (thread merge)

    Here is my story about brainwashing As you know I have tried unsuccessfully to get this posted elsewhere. I have tried also to tell this story many times since it occurred to me that it might be helpful, but it does not seem to be of interest or there is a lot of apathy out there which is...
  14. AnonyMary

    We left Scientology - and SO CAN YOU - YouTube

    YouTube - We left Scientology - and SO CAN YOU :coolwink:
  15. AnonyMary

    Some answers on 'Why didn't you just up and leave Scientology?'

    The declaration posted about on this thread gives excellent information on how Scientology controls the mind and bodies of it's members. Expert witnesss Robert V Levine addresses "the physical, social and psychological pressures experienced by Mark and Claire Headley during their residence...
  16. AnonKat

    Hypnotism - Unexpected lecture in 1954.

    Hubbard does an unexpected lecture on hypnosis in 1954. (Shortened to fit youtube) Part 1 Part 2
  17. The Great Zorg

    Left Decades Ago, Deprogramming for 3 Years

    Hi. Yikes! I started crying as I began to write this intro... wtf? My mind and decades of my life have been destroyed by Co$. I realized only 3 years ago that virtually EVERYTHING I had learned in $cientology was and is a lie. Then came the dizzy gut wrenching beginning of my return to...