1. vain_shields217

    discarnate intelligence wrote 9 word/1 symbol phrase via telekinesis, please share #tellArt

    For those who have been following the post "Vanishes the vain shields", here is what I was referring to (anybody new, please see that thread): ___________________________________________ Approx. date: 22.01.2003 Location: Southampton (England) witnesses: 1 only artefact image...
  2. Free to shine

    'Don't bring kids into it': CCHR targets NSW schools with drug claims

    This is actually good news. :clap: 'Don't bring kids into it': Scientologists target NSW schools with drug claims
  3. JBWriter

    Scientology's Ken Kramer Demands School Board Abandon At-Risk Teens - Sep 2013

    Ken Kramer, an outspoken member of (and rabid advocate for) Co$/scientology demands that the Oshkosh, Wisconsin school board listen to him and abandon their plans to provide mental health screening questionnaires to identify at-risk and troubled teens. The school board is scheduled to vote...
  4. AnonKat

    CCHR in Downtown Toronto August 17-30, 2013
  5. Intelligence

    Scientology’s Citizens Commission on Human Rights SNIPS: MORE HERE: .
  6. White Rabbit

    CCHR Useless in Crisis

    :newhere: Hola, I'm fairly new around here, and I have to remain anonymous, but I'm glad this forum exists. So, I just wanted to share this story, because even though it happened years ago, it still makes me angry. I was dating a fellow at the time. This fellow had a sister who was in a...
  7. K

    Did you get fucked up cause of psych drugs?

    Remember get a good attorney, go for a class action lawsuit and use CCHR for back up in court. Can you say, chu, ching lol :) These Popular Drugs Can Make You Violent – Avoid Them
  8. nessa

    A question about psychiatry?

  9. nessa

    About the documentary making a killing

    I'm not a scientologist, but rumours are spread over the internet that its a cult. I watched the documentary of making a killing, but are they scare mongering the public to be anti-psychiatry, and do they have any valid points
  10. M

    CCHR/Others and Legal Statute Recommendations?

    I'm taking a Law of Mental Health class this (final) semester, very laid back, very interesting. We "get" to write a paper on essentially whatever we want, assuming it has something to do with the field of mental health and the law. Seeing as how I've been quietly studying Scientology for a...
  11. AnonKat

    Message to Scientology and its Supporters March 21, 2010 Hello leaders and supporters of scientology. As you already know, we are Anonymous. You may also know that we are not the petty group of dummies and hackers that you once thought. What we are is a force. We are a wind...