1. T

    From Dianetics to Scientology: The creation of Xenu.

    Does anyone know the timing of the creation/inclusion of Xenu? I am under the assumption that since the material is deemed dangerous and released at a later level, that it was thus created at a later date and included once he had a firm base established with Dianetics and getting to Clear...
  2. M

    A New Process

    I've tried this process on a few friends with good results and wanted to post here for feedback. I just wanted to get this out there because I believe tech should be free to all. As with free open source software, that's free as in freedom not free as in free beer. Bubble wrap audit...
  3. AnonKat

    David Mayo on Clear Mega Thread
  4. JBWriter

    "Scientology & The Fly" - Video

    One woman's experience with the comm course...and a fly. JB
  5. Lermanet_com

    A STORY of TWO TESTS, one of GRADE IV and one of CLEAR/OT and Liverwurst

    It was approximately 1968, summer, i was working at $cientology in DC, as a letter reg, I had completed grade IV auditing, and was now the proud owner of this idea: "I had the ability to do new things" My office was in the basement at 1812? 19th street, i still recall the telephone number...
  6. Mest Lover

    Where are the cannibal stats?

    Who exactly was the cleared cannibal that LRH says is just a cannibal? Did he just make that up like the rest of SCN? I want to know who he or she was and how RON tested him to see if he was still a cannibal. Where is the clear cannibal today? Is there a tribe of them somewhere? Did they...
  7. uniquemand


    There have been many threads about the subject of people going or being "Clear". There's even one with the title "The State of Clear". However, I wanted to start one up with a clarification (sorry) from former Snr C/S David Mayo. Comes from the following link...
  8. AnonKat

    Auditing - Clear - Exteriorize - Hypnotism

    Be three feet back of your head Be three feet back of your head Be three feet back of your head Be three feet back of your head Scientology Hypnosis tech. (text came with the video)