1. Arthur Dent

    Patrick (Pat) LueFan

    I was recently dismayed to hear that Pat LueFan passed away July 22, 2018, at age 66. He hit a guard rail on his motorcycle and was thrown. No other vehicles were involved. He lost his wife, Ann, to cancer in 2016. They had two children, Lindsey and Hamilton. He was in Scientology in the...
  2. Miss Ellie

    Downtown Director Arrested Now Replacement Sought

    I missed this... Now he is OUT of the job and they are looking for someone else. I hope the someone else does not end up a sciobot. It is odd the way it went down... but working...
  3. ILove2Lurk

    Super Power pushed back indefinitely!

    Indefinitely! Cancel your airplane tickets and hotel reservations gang. :coolwink: "The Church of Scientology has backed off previously announced plans to dedicate its Flag Building downtown on Oct. 6 and will push back its grand opening indefinitely." Tony O...
  4. Anonycat

    Flag/FLB Dox

    A Guide to being an FSM for Flag accommodations (2007): An intro to Flag auditing - your hat as a preclear (2006): Flag accommodations donation (price) list, 2002...
  5. anon612

    Operation Sea Org Messages @ Flag

    Crossposting as requested. Original post is here: Can also be found here:
  6. Flag-2005

    ANyone Posted At Flag Service Org or FLB?

    Hello, I was hoping to get in touch or hear news of Flag. If you have been posted in Clearwater or were a public there perhaps this thread can connect old friends and to make new ones. I watch out on Youtube for news on FSO and occasionally see protests there and it just seems the same old...
  7. AnonKat

    LRH briefs Jim Dincalci - Project Normandy

    LRH briefs Jim Dincalci - Project Normandy In this 1975 tape, L.Ron Hubbard sits on the ship off the coast of Florida, and conspires to launder money into the US to set up the land base, puts aliens ashore, and reems young sea org girls for not finding the correct road maps.(Text came with the...