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    Grateful escapee seeking head of NY Sea Org from 1990- where is she now?

    I posted this in New Member section but it looks like the party is over here under general, so hopefully its ok to post it here too..? I was thankfully only in the cult for 6 months (Divine Intervention is the only way i can explain how i was able to escape...they wanted to send me to...
  2. Mest Lover

    Best kept secret.

    OSA is on Facebook.
  3. Mest Lover

    Dox scanning

    Did some digging for dox. Let the scanning start. IAS card Purif stuff Kr's and fun ethics stuff Pay stubbs 1099s Fleetwood mac concert tickets Other stuff as I come across it.
  4. Mest Lover

    I could have had a baby instead.

    My 9 month Purification Run Down story. This is boring, I have talked about this a lot, but I don't think I have encapsulated it completely. If you have moar important business, please go and get the fucking cult of Scientology. My story is extremely unimportant to the rest of what needs to...
  5. Mest Lover

    No fish frying, so sayeth the button.

    When I was at CLO EUS they got some of these buttons. Not sure if they distributed them to the Org or if it was just for us to wear. I scooped up a few of them.
  6. Mest Lover

    Your specific indoctrination into the cult of Scientology.

    My one and only auditor mentioned that I was being indoctrinated differently from my friend. WHY DIDN'T I RUN? I wanted to stay in Chicago at that point more than my intelligence indicated that CULT was the very thing I feared most upon leaving the island I lived on previously.
  7. Mest Lover

    Martha's Vineyard Museum's "Island Faces Portrait Contest."

    Without ESMB I never would have mentioned my Ex-Scientology status in public like this: A local artist approached me about painting my portrait for a local artist contest. Apparently, they also have a Public voting for this as well. When interviewed for the portrait, by the artist, I mentioned...
  8. Mest Lover


    Given the lack of Goldenrod from the official Church of Scientology, I HEREBY DECLARE MYSELF (Andrue C. Carr) A SUPPRESSIVE PERSON And grant myself all the freedoms that come with that title. I did some way the fuck out ethics shit while on post that saved countless hours of manual labor...
  9. Mest Lover

    Encryption program I wrote for CLO EUS

    I used to encrypt files, this is what I used to do it: /* @(#) encrypt.c 1.0 91/01/06. COPYRIGHT (C) 1991 BY Q.U.E. computers. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. THIS C SORCE FILE PROGRAM WAS DESIGNED AND WRITTEN BY ANDRUE C. CARR FOR Q.U.E. computers...
  10. Mest Lover

    The Birthday Game program I wrote for CLO EUS.

    Here is another of the many programs I wrote for CLO EUS. This was to help the A-data aide calculate the birthday game stats each week at stat evolution. /* @(#) bday.c 3.0 90/10/27. COPYRIGHT (C) Q.U.E. computers 1990. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED...
  11. Mest Lover

    Stat Evolution program I wrote for CLO EUS

    Hah, found a couple of the programs I wrote for CLO EUS. This was the stat evolution program. ---------------------- /* @(#) evol.c 1.1temp 91/01/05. COPYRIGHT (C) Q.U.E. computers 1990, 1991. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. *** TEMPORARY WORKING VERSION...
  12. Mest Lover

    CLO EUS fond memories NOT!

    I just found this tool, how oddly fun and bad at the same time, been running commentary on facebook, thought I would share here as well i guess...
  13. Mest Lover

    Sea Org Day Pictures?

    I only remember 1 picture being taken while I was in. Is there an online catalog of Sea Org pictures? There was 1 taken in front of CLO EUS with us all in dress whites on Sea Org Day, either 1989 or 1990.
  14. ChuckNorrisCutsMyLawn

    The Sea Org Does Whatever It Takes To Create A Sane Planet

    Because wearing fake navy costumes, and pretending to battle fake enemies, in a fake navy, is such a sane thing to do.
  15. Mest Lover

    Escorting the A-Treas aide to the Chase Bank!

    One day about 1990 I was asked to escort the A-treas Aide (Dennis Daganais) to the Chase Manhatten bank because he had a cash deposit to make. He got stuck in the bank filling out a bunch of paperwork because, from what he told me, if you deposit more than $10,000 in cash they think you are...
  16. Mest Lover

    The CLO EUS shredmobile.

    circa 1988. This was before we moved back into "Excalibur." (CLO EUS) One day they decided they needed to do something with all the bags of shred that were being stored in a room on the roof of the NY ORG. There were bags and bags and bags of it. They needed someone to drive a truck to...
  17. Mest Lover

    The United Nations Sci-Fi event.

    June 1989. I was asked to help with an event at the United Nations building on the East side of NY. I had never been there before and didn't know what I was being asked to do but it got me the hell out of hell's kitchen! HELL YAH Sir, I be doing dat! Way cool, it was some Sci-Fi Hubbard...
  18. D

    I just got an invitation to the "Oscar's Night in Cincinnati
  19. Stat

    About To Be SP Declared.

    This thread is almost like a private message to a certain OSA/DSA terminal who knows exactly who Stat is now. But it's a little more then that too. Hi, T. The last two days of my life, were perhaps most challenging days ever. Suppressed/open grief, extreme anxiety for both my wife and I...
  20. Mest Lover

    DB to the Max in charge of SCN Security?

    More of my story. Circa 1990. Ok, so I had been working on the fitness board thing for over a year at that point. Knowing how the tests were scored, every TELEX I saw requesting me to be tested I tanked my scores more and more: IQ, Aptitude, and PSA. When it looked real important, like they...
  21. Mest Lover

    Something stupid I used to do while in.

    Odd quirkyness I used to do as the Security Chief CLO EUS. Anyway, I guess it unfolds as I was annoyed with dealing with internal bullshit crap like blowing staff members and squabbles of staff about the most inane rediculous stuff like fragrance in soap that I was expected to search private...
  22. Mest Lover

    Flag Rep'ed Off?

    Ok! So I haven't seen anything else on this and it is my main sticking point of their lies! I was asked to be the Flag Rep for Chicago Org. They told me that I would earn exactly the same pay as the ED of Chicago (at that time the ED was Sarah Wells). They told me she (Sarah Wells) earned...
  23. Sindy

    Contacting CJC EUS or IJC?

    I apologize if this subject has already been covered. I looked and didn't see an answer. Okay, does anyone know how I can contact CJC EUS or IJC? Even though they now seem to have the policiy of not allowing the declared SP to get their declare, I can still at least keep bugging them for it...
  24. Mest Lover

    EPF Wasted time at CLO EUS.

    Among the other bits and days of wasted time doing MEST work on the EPF at CLO EUS, I remember this day. Time: August 1988 Place: CLO EUS (349 West 48th St. Ny, Ny) EPF LEADER: Kevin Condon (Boston, Ma Org Flag Rep In Training) Assignment: Scrape the plaster on the walls of the first...
  25. Mest Lover

    CLO EUS Floor Plan

    As I am currently remembering from 20 years ago: This stems from my other thread about the CLO EUS Renos mission found here: --------------------- CLO EUS (Excalibur) 349, West 48th street, NY, NY CLO EUS FLOOR PLAN: (as I remember now, I will...
  26. Mest Lover

    My Role in the 1988 CLO EUS Renos Mission

    Been meaning to write this up. Well it came out of me tonight on WWP by accident I guess. Figured I ought to copy and paste it over here. Maybe I will add more details to the story over time, this is a brief synopsis of what I did in the Renos of CLO EUS: 1988 CLO EUS Renos Mission: Renos...
  27. Papabear

    From Chris Eisenman - For Posterity

    I have come to another crossroads. In 2003, my wife and I left Scientology forever, and it’s been one of the most rewarding decisions we have ever made as a couple. Soon after, our three children followed suit, not because we forced them to, but because we became transparent about out actual...
  28. Mest Lover

    The Nakamichi Clearsound that recorded at CLO EUS.

    I think I have mentioned this in chat or perhaps posts but there was a Nakamichi clearsound tape deck station that was placed into the CLO EUS courseroom shortly after the Renos about 1990. I guess it was totally off policy for these decks to record and they had all been disabled of that...
  29. Mest Lover

    rm * -- Sorry John, I deleted your entire directory!

    This one I just remembered while doing the 900 one. CLO EUS only had an 80mb hard drive on their main UNIX computer in 1990. It filled up rather quickly, particularly with the keylogger I had programmed and built into all my other programs. I had to do cleaning maintenance on it regularly so...
  30. Mest Lover


    Hah, dug this out of my brain while on vacation. About 1990, the A-treas aide comes to me with a huge flap. THE PHONE BILL There was a huge phone bill for the month because there were tons of 900 calls being made from CLO EUS. It was my job to find out how and who et al. I could have really...