1. Free to shine

    Confirmation the FBI did investigate scientology in 2009

    From Tony Ortega. I really hope the reason the investigation was dropped is brought to light. This is big!
  2. Free to shine

    To Speak, or Not To Speak

    Mike Rinder has a good article about speaking out on crimes witnessed in scientology.. To Speak, or Not To Speak December 17, 2016
  3. DM_Slappface

    David Miscavige – A Suitable Punishment for his Crimes

    After reading Luis A. Garcia, Public Scientologist’s letter to David Miscavige (, I asked myself, “what punishment for DM would at least EQUAL the degree of pain & suffering that this monster has inflicted?” Note: I'm...
  4. T

    Has Scientology removed funds from your CofS account w/o consent? US Mail Fraud???

    * Just saw this over at another website: "Have you checked your CofS account balance lately?" If money has been taken out of your CofS account (by Church of Scientology), without your permission, then you need to file a complaint, pronto. There...