1. Dave B.

    The $cn. Cult and Crypto Currencies

    Does anyone one know if the $cientology kult has an official position on Crypto Currencies? Just curious. I know they like to bring in loads of cash whenever and where ever possible and there are many opportunities for doing so in various pump & dump scams in crypto's. My fave big bean Grant...
  2. Intentionally Blank

    Blanky's Blog ~ Scientology Widow

    Today marks nine months since my husband, Brian, died because of his involvement with Scientology. I started a blog about his story - our story - and how the cult interfered with and influenced our lives. Today's post is here...
  3. Free to shine

    East Grinstead - The Town Run By Scientology

    Excellent little 15 min documentary by a young man investigating the influence of scientology on East Grinstead. I lived there for a decade, nothing much has changed in the 30 years since I left it seems. Typical financial influence of local council, arrogant disregard for local laws...
  4. incultrecovery

    in cult recovery

    I have never been a Scientologist but I have been a part of a few other group experiences. I am attempting to heal from the experience and all lot of the material about escaping and healing from cults comes from ex-scientoligists so I am here to be a part of the message board. Thanks!
  5. AnonyMary

    Jan 7th Public Hearing on another Best Drug Rehab Special Use Permit

    We should be hearing soon from Michigan's Miss Fortune, reporting from her Glistening, Quivering Underbelly Blog in detail over on Reaching For The Tipping Point forum about this matter, but I just want to alert the public... This is about an another unbranded Narconon facility being proposed...
  6. S


    Do you fear someone you know is in a cult? Sky Vision Productions are currently developing a new TV documentary series looking at cults in the UK. We are looking for families and friends who believe a loved one is currently affected by a cult. If you believe you know someone who is in a cult...
  7. Free to shine

    Hillsong goes to Hollywood

    Very interesting segment on the Hillsong Church, an Australian 'religion' that is making millions, and that is now being questioned. Senator Xenophon is featured in the video, asking the same questions he asks about scientology...
  8. Free to shine

    The Church of Scientology is a Genocidal Master Race Cult

    This is an excellent article (and blog) from Jeffrey Augustine and I like the way he puts this particular information. It truly is a scary concept and don't think for a minute that it's not true ...
  9. John McGhee

    Visiting SPs enturbulate Ireland's Scilons

    Dublin $cientology staffer (also NOI member) gets handled on Health and safety
  10. AnonKat

    Scientology and The Business of Cult (Full Documentary)
  11. SweetnessandLight

    New Book on Cult Busting!

    This new book looks to be a GREAT read! :thumbsup: Escape, My Lifelong War Against Cults by Paul Morantz Paul Morantz was fighting to help families free their loved ones from Synanon's abusive Cult and drug treatment program, when their hitmen put a rattlesnake, with the rattles cut off, into...
  12. Nicole

    Difference of leaving a cult as a born in

    It is a little bit difficult for me to explain in English, but I will try... The last days I have lots thought about the difference of leaving a cult as a born in (getting in contact in young years) and people who came as an adult into a cult.... The reason, why I thought about this, I was on...
  13. GreyWolf

    Eckankar – A Scientology Clone

    This one is a bit long, but there was a lot to say. :angry:
  14. GreyLensman

    Record of phone numbers (log 'em here)

    I recently accidentally answered an unknown number - it didn't sat "UNKNOWN NUMBER" because I never answer those, or "Blocked" or anything else like that. Usually I never answer a call unless the number pops up identified and in my address book. I hung up on the call, after handling it...
  15. What's It All About

    "Teenager, 15, facing prosecution for holding sign labelling Scientology 'a cult' "

    They are trying to criminalize the use of the word "cult". From the Daily Mail UK: "Liberty director, Shami Chakrabarti, told the Guardian: "This barmy prosecution...
  16. purple haze


    It’s not all about sex, you say. It is about sex. Sexual desire and follow-through is the barometer of how alive you are on this planet. Otherwise, you’re dead inside. Not dead as a spirit maybe, but then again, maybe not. Have you ever heard of two spirits intercoursing or making love...
  17. Ogsonofgroo

    Another Kate and Tom story, Irish style

    Irish online paper, the Independent's columnist Ruth D. Edwards takes a stab at peeling an onion. Not familiar with her writing but this is simply delicious! Sauce~...
  18. Mest Lover

    Your specific indoctrination into the cult of Scientology.

    My one and only auditor mentioned that I was being indoctrinated differently from my friend. WHY DIDN'T I RUN? I wanted to stay in Chicago at that point more than my intelligence indicated that CULT was the very thing I feared most upon leaving the island I lived on previously.
  19. M

    The Church of the Divine Man/Berkeley Psychic Institute

    This cult is an offshoot of Scientology, founded by Lews S. Bostwick in 1973. According to a twenty-year student of the Berkeley Psychic Institute who calls himself "PsychDoctorate", Bostwick was a top auditor in Scientology before he squirreled the tech (my words, not his) and created CDM/BPI...
  20. Zhent

    ABC Radio National - 'Life after a cult'

    Broadcast: Sunday 25 March 2012 6:05PM MP3 DOWNLOAD:
  21. M

    Weird Alcoholics Anonymous cult

    AA is the only court-mandated cult in America; Alcoholics Anonymous survives because so many people are sent there after a DUI conviction and there are enough hangers-on to keep it going. However, there are odd subsets of AA - for example, there is a place somewhere in the American Northeast...
  22. The Great Zorg

    Happy Healthy Successful & the scientology cult

    Here's a rather intersting link regarding scientology. :yes: It starts out neutral but then gets into the truth about the cult. :yes: Interesting read:
  23. The Great Zorg

    Picture Of The Day March 15 2011

    Just another thought.... how about a pic of the day, or week, or month? This one tore at my heart: I HAD TO OP it! I just had to! To the Anon's; God bless you all, please! :yes: :thumbsup: :bigcry:
  24. The Great Zorg

    Critics Memorial

    Here's an idea :idea: ... how about a RIP CRITICS OF THE "CHURCH" OF SCIENTOLOGY <spit>? I was just watching a video of John Sweeney and his interview with Shawn Lonsdale. I started thinking that Shawn may have had a record and some questionable sexual activities but he was a human being and...
  25. AnonKat

    Doomsday Cult Sets July 2011 As Date Of Armageddon

  26. AnonKat

    MANCHESTER PROTEST AGAINST THE CULT OF SCIENTOLOGY 11th AUG 2010. Youtubechannel: The big letters are copied directly and can Mods chuck this in the Europe bin I misplaced it Sorry.
  27. AnonKat

    Secret Tom Cruise Scientology Promotion Video Leaked AntiScientologyXenu | 13 augustus 2010 Secret Tom Cruise Scientology Promotion Video Leaked Youtubechannel:
  28. Anonycat

    Successfully Educating Your Child (APS 1994)
  29. AnonKat

    Freedom Magazine VS Anderson cooper
  30. AnonKat

    Radiopaul1 Scientology exposed again Youtubesite of Radiopaul1