1. Anonycat

    Behind it All (Scientology)!
  2. HCObringOrder?

    The Mentalist show uses OCA questions

    Additional relevant posts: Let's tear apart the OCA questions! For anyone who has administered the OCA Last night, I channel surf onto The Mentalist TV show and surprise! The main character has entered a meeting room, asked if he could participate, then sits down at one of the tables...


    ...and are looking for some answers, you've come to the right place. It’s a brave move to decide to take that first step outside the box and look where you’ve been told not to look; look where you're "not supposed to" look. You will learn things that you will never be told in the church or by...
  4. Anonycat

    Cult - Mind Control Made Easy

    I saw this video, and it really reminded me of how $cientology was for me.
  5. The Great Zorg

    Falun Gong - WTF: Cults From China Now?

    I almost fell for the Falun Gong pitch, until I realized that I was "falling", again! I beat myself up for a while and then got over it after a two day starry-eyed dream state about this new 'spiritual philosophy'. I woke up quickly after researching this latest addition to the Cults Of...
  6. The Great Zorg

    Left Decades Ago, Deprogramming for 3 Years

    Hi. Yikes! I started crying as I began to write this intro... wtf? My mind and decades of my life have been destroyed by Co$. I realized only 3 years ago that virtually EVERYTHING I had learned in $cientology was and is a lie. Then came the dizzy gut wrenching beginning of my return to...
  7. Mest Lover

    Freedom day from SO

    Freedom day from the SO (CLO EUS) I thank God every year on my freedom day from the Sea Org! My life has become worth something since I left that anti-social organization. My freedom day was paid for with my own selfcreated humiliation, degredation, sinking IQ stats and knowledge gained to make...