dandar v scientology

  1. Orglodyte 2

    Dandar wins appeal!

    Mighty welcome news after the recent court disappointments. http://tonyortega.org/2016/03/02/appeals-court-strikes-scientologys-1-million-judgment-against-ken-dandar/
  2. Free to shine

    Ken Dandar gets another day in court after his $1 million Scientology judgment

    From the Bunker http://tonyortega.org/2014/05/03/ken-dandar-gets-another-day-in-court-after-his-1-million-scientology-judgment/
  3. Jquepublic

    Ken Dandar files federal lawsuit against the Church of Scientology

    "Florida attorney Ken Dandar filed a federal lawsuit yesterday against the Church of Scientology and its attorneys, asking for injunctive relief and a jury trial over what he says has been a violation of his civil rights. Dandar’s suit is the latest twist in a dauntingly complex history of...