debbie cook

  1. Free to shine

    Debbie Cook - the story behind the story

    Debbie Cook Revisited by Mike Rinder.
  2. Caroline

    Debbie Cook Agreement with CSFSO, CSI and RTC (19 October 2007) The handling of Debbie's 8-year long medical condition is interesting from a Scientology tech/ethics point of view. It is also a matter of considerable importance PR-wise for Scientology and Scientologists. (The Captain FSO not able to handle her...
  3. AnonyMary

    Debbie Cook and The Big Email List

    According to Marty, Debbie Cook never had possession of the big email list. So, if it wasn't her list, that means she never emailed any of those people on it. If so, then who did? Was the person or persons who did sent out her email willing to stand up and take responsibility in court in...
  4. AnonKat

    Marathon Raid Sea Org Alley March 2012
  5. BunnySkull

    Scientology makes the lame walk..according to Debbie Cook's new letter

    Debbie is addressing publics via a letter on Martys blog. She certainly still writes like the Capt of FSO to a public she expects to reg. I probably should have posted this in Martyland, and I have a feeling any more threads about Cook will be there. She is reassuring everyone of her lifelong...
  6. R

    Huge Win for Scientology In Open Court!

    Made you look didn't I? This is how we get Scientologists to watch the village voice video of the trial below. 1) Someone copies the video to get rid of the commercial. At least make sure they do not know it is from the mainstream media. Or if you are really creative make it look like it...
  7. rafagomezd

    CNN spanish reportage about Cook's case Pls share it! Love, rafagomezd
  8. rafagomezd

    Ideal Orgs now using Wrong HCOPL for Positioning the fundraising

    Today I published how was made and the purpose and the references how did the Landlord Office made the new promotional and marketing campaign, basically they are using HCOPL 2nd december 1968 GUNG-HO GROUPS to justify the fundraising, when originally that HCOPL states very clearly that the big...
  9. rafagomezd

    Ok guys and girls come on! lets spread the email everywere!!!

    Today got updated on CNN on my iReport: So come on! you can do more! communicate more! Greetings, rafagomezd