1. JBWriter

    Q: What Percentage of Your Income "Donated" To CO$ ?

    I've spent the last week or so reading as many threads/posts as possible in an effort to understand the main issues (and the many, many off-shoots) as relate to CO$ past and present. I'll continue to read with sustained interest to gain additional knowledge from the shared wisdom of so many...
  2. R

    Marty gives account of Debbie Cook donations, and says you can get your money back

    Marty's latest says that: "I cannot account for any funds that were sent directly to Debbie Cook. I was never given access to the total figures received by the Baumgartens, let alone the details of the donations. I do know that when they demanded that donations be made straight to them...
  3. Zhent

    The IAS's monthly money-leeching plan

    Someone gave this to me to post here. It is a nefarious thing, the IAS now encourages public to sign up to recurring donation plans that are fully automated. And here is another similar IAS form I have collected: I don't know about you, but handing the Church of Scientology...