1. Infinite

    Tony Ortega: Scientology Sexual Histories

    .. Tony's got his hands on a bunch of DOX showing the sort of material Scientologists are required to provide to the cult . . . . . . sick L Ron Hubbard blackmail scam is sick. (Added bonus for click love - today's piece also features an update on the Garcia lawsuit)
  2. Mest Lover

    Dox scanning

    Did some digging for dox. Let the scanning start. IAS card Purif stuff Kr's and fun ethics stuff Pay stubbs 1099s Fleetwood mac concert tickets Other stuff as I come across it.
  3. Anonycat

    Ethics Checklist

    Ethics Checklist, 29 original scanned pages: Sample image:
  4. Anonycat

    OSA dox

    View: 208 pages of OSA dox, from getting hatted to correspondence during dirty tricks, and more. Enemy lists, how to handle them, lots on being trained in war, and applying it to psychs, the government and others. Lots of training on litigation...
  5. Anonycat

    Flag/FLB Dox

    A Guide to being an FSM for Flag accommodations (2007): An intro to Flag auditing - your hat as a preclear (2006): Flag accommodations donation (price) list, 2002...
  6. Anonycat

    Super Tech 1963, HCOB, HCOPL

    501 pages, pdf, Super Tech Volume for 1963.
  7. Anonycat

    HCOB 1950 - 1984 HCOBs from 1950 to 1984 inclusive. 11 files in the set, all pdf.
  8. Anonycat

    1,000 lectures 1950 - 1960 inclusive

    I found a pretty complete lot of audio files of early lectures. My only advice is: if you think you may want to refer to it in the future, get it now. These things have historically come and gone pretty fast. It looks like it starts with 5008C30...
  9. Anonycat

    KSW - Keep Scientology Working

    Handwritten: Typed:
  10. Anonycat

    The Corporations of Scientology

    The Corporations of Scientology. 28 pages.
  11. Anonycat

    Command Channels of Scientology

    Command Channels of Scientology.
  12. Zhent

    Assorted ANZO dox 1982

    I received some old documents from an ex on this board, I have since digitised them :) The set includes: ANZO Buccaneers Birthday Game Results 1982. Here is an artwork sample - Classic artwork, you don't see 'em like that anymore. Great pirate lingo as well: "Ahoy 'me Bucco's its...
  13. Zhent

    SYDNEY DAY ORG - Actual leaked stats/dox [PICS]

    Why, its almost 2PM Thursday! You know what that means, time to roll out the stats! Now, I am not an (ex) Scientologist so all these numbers and descriptions don't mean much to me, so I am seeking detailed analysis and context on all these stats. In particular; What each stat means, any...