1. Free to shine

    The world’s best selling drug is helping to finance Scientology

    What a nasty corporation scientology is. How Humira, the world’s best selling drug, is helping to finance Scientology into the future http://tonyortega.org/2017/07/11/how-humira-the-worlds-best-selling-drug-is-helping-to-finance-scientology-into-the-future/
  2. Free to shine

    Senator Nick Xenophon wants Narconon shut down in Australia

    This is a new article, May 19, 2017 Former 'students' claim core focus of Australian drug rehabilitation centre is converting addicts to Scientologists Read more at...
  3. S

    Death of Johnny Lewis, actor

    Death of Jonathan ('Johnny') Lewis. Ex-Narconon, relapsed addict, Scientologist. https://whyweprotest.net/community/threads/jonathan-lewis-aka-johnny-lewis-death-and-suspected-murder.105427/ Another Jeremy Perkins nice mess for the cult if all the clues lead where I expect they do...
  4. Hubbardianen

    Did LRH use drugs?

    This has probably been discussed somewhere else. My question is: What hard evidence are there? I know about the following: LRH wrote in a letter to his wife that he was "drinking rum and popping pinks and greys". LRH had Vistaril in his blood at autopsy. (Perhaps this was an excusable drug...
  5. AnonKat

    Narconon Drug Rehab. The Real Dangers of Alcohol Rehab with Narconon

    Narconon Drug Rehab. The Real Dangers of Alcohol Rehab with Narconon http://alcoholrehab.devdd.com/2010/08/narconon-drug-rehab-the-real-dangers-of-alcohol-rehab-with-narconon-2/