1. A

    definitely an adventure

    Just as a preface to this story I am going to include as much detail as humanely possible without revealing my possible identity to the church (never got declared and still have family who i would rather not disconnect from). It begins as any other typical sea org story. I was introduced to...
  2. aegerprimo

    A Wingnut Does the EPF

    PART 1: So far, I have not found a story here on ESMB that takes place in New York, probably because there are a lot more Sea Org staff at the PAC base, Flag Land Base, and Gold Base. I feel my story can contribute to the overall picture of what the EPF is like no matter where it was done...
  3. Mest Lover

    EPF Wasted time at CLO EUS.

    Among the other bits and days of wasted time doing MEST work on the EPF at CLO EUS, I remember this day. Time: August 1988 Place: CLO EUS (349 West 48th St. Ny, Ny) EPF LEADER: Kevin Condon (Boston, Ma Org Flag Rep In Training) Assignment: Scrape the plaster on the walls of the first...