family disconnection

  1. J

    Looking for Laurie

    I know this is a long shot, but I am looking for any information on Laurie Zern (yes, the ABLE one) or her daughter. Laurie is my aunt, and the last I have been able to find from her was from 2016. It is true she is in the Hole? Her daughter, my cousin, was in the London Org last I heard.
  2. DriverJan

    DriverJan in search of help for Anthro Paper

    Hi, I'm DriverJan. I confess I am not an ex-scientologist or a scientologist of any kind. I am a college anthropology student doing a ethnography about Scientology and Kinship Relationships, in other words about how Scientology defines family structures, who is related to whom, and their mutual...
  3. JBWriter

    Manchester UK - Tony Lee January 2013 Video

    Tony & Sue Lee have worked for a number of years to persuade their adult daughter, Becky, to leave CO$. I'd seen a few of Tony's videos and was pleased to view one dated 2010 where Tony explained that Becky had, in fact, left CO$. Last night, I found Tony's most recent video and post it here...
  4. Roan

    Sea Org @ Orange County Ideal Org

    ...................................................... For the past few months I have been photo documenting many aspects of Scientology's transition of it's Tustin, CA., Org to their "new" Ideal Org building (almost right next store) in Santa Ana, which is the County Seat of government. As...
  5. wiseman_of_the_watchtower

    My father disconnected...

    In November 2009, my dad caught me with the book "My Billion Year Contract" by Nancy Many. This led to a series of heated arguments, as he was in total opposition to me reading the book. My father thought he could 'save' me by calling in OT 8 Andy Hill to discuss my feelings about my...