1. J

    Looking for Laurie

    I know this is a long shot, but I am looking for any information on Laurie Zern (yes, the ABLE one) or her daughter. Laurie is my aunt, and the last I have been able to find from her was from 2016. It is true she is in the Hole? Her daughter, my cousin, was in the London Org last I heard.
  2. Free to shine

    Scientology stole my son, help needed

    This popped up on Facebook, I'm not sure if it has been posted before. Here is his video with some interesting comments on the YouTube page.
  3. Free to shine

    Silent Disconnection

    The subject of disconnection is one that covers a lot of ground and not one to be quickly solved. This is a post from my blog on how silent disconnection works.
  4. Z

    Reconciling post-Scientology life with the fear of getting Declared

    I am looking for stories of people who are able to successfully maintain family relationships with those still in. For me, a pretty fundamental part of this is flying low and not getting declared, because it's pretty hard to stay in touch with someone who has disconnected from you. Yet, the...
  5. Free to shine

    How scientology takes care of their "elderlies"

    This article has complete letters and "'KRs" about the treatment of Claire Reppen and it is a hard read. The thing that is so hard for many to comprehend unless they have experienced it is the attitude that underlies the uncaring and arbitrary decisions that are made. Sickness of any kind is...
  6. Free to shine

    Aussies - Kate Ceberano on ABC 8pm tonight Anh's Brush With Fame

    It's a half hour show where celebrities talk while their picture is painted. I wonder what she will say about her "complicated family life" as a 3rd generation scientologist.
  7. Free to shine

    Scientology Disconnection Caught on Camera

    Thankyou Radio Paul, this is a great video. I posted this on Facebook. You never know, maybe one of my family will actually see it.
  8. Free to shine

    Christmas and Disconnection

    Many of us face hard times at Christmas due to the disconnection or loss of family or friends. You can't help but be reminded of how things used to be, should be, could be if it weren't for (insert reason). For ex scientologists it is particularly due to disconnection, that brutal ripping apart...
  9. Free to shine

    Fundamentalist Scientology and Enforced Disconnection

    This is one of the most comprehensive explanations of what scientologists have as their fundamental belief. It explains why family disconnections take place, why abuses within the organisation have little meaning. It really, really is like this ...
  10. Free to shine

    Christmas and Disconnection

    I actually posted this on another thread in the Member's only area, and have decided that it warrants a more general discussion. There are thousands of people affected by disconnection and if anyone needs help at this time, here is a place to talk about it. No matter how 'right'...
  11. Papabear

    Open Letter to the Family Still In - A Rant

    Dear Family, I'm sorry to have to make this public, but what choice do I have? You don't really want to hear what I have to say, and ESMB is one of the few places people will understand. I love you all, but I left because I learned the truth, not because someone is/pulling my strings. I...