1. O


    I was born and raised in Athens,Greece. My mom gave me the truth about scientology book as a gift for my 18 birthday. I read it.I went to Athens org and had a personality test. I wanted to punch the guy who evaluated me, like hell....but instead i satirized the hell out of him to his face and we...
  2. Paladin

    Hello! I'm Paladin.

    Hello everyone, I was introduced to Scientology around 1977 at the San Diego org. I was in the Sea Org at Flag in the summer of 1978. It didn't work out as I had hoped and I left Flag and Scientology after only a few months in Clearwater. I hadn't thought much about Scientology after that until...
  3. B

    Tampa Org and Flag 1988 to 2006: Any of my friends out?

    I'm curious if any of my old friends or staff from that time period are out. I did my lower bridge at Tampa org from 1988 to 1990 and then it was endless OT Preps and training at Flag. Has anyone heard what's happening with: Helyn Dunn Ron Wiedoff Wayne Fuller Richard Tinkelenberg Roy Pulliam...
  4. Anonycat

    Flag/FLB Dox

    A Guide to being an FSM for Flag accommodations (2007): http://www.mediafire.com/view/?hwwifkm4dngp5f1 An intro to Flag auditing - your hat as a preclear (2006): http://www.mediafire.com/view/?d24t1u1fc54w0qc Flag accommodations donation (price) list, 2002...
  5. anon612

    Operation Sea Org Messages @ Flag

    Crossposting as requested. Original post is here: https://whyweprotest.net/community/threads/operation-sea-org-messages-flag-clearwater-cell.104909/ Can also be found here: https://sites.google.com/site/biglistthatleftscientology/message-flag
  6. M

    My story: staff 2004-2011 at Jo'burg and Flag

    Hello! I recently joined ESMB and have been encouraged to post my experiences as a staff member (October 2004 – July 2011) in South Africa. To be honest, I wasn't too keen to do so, as I knew it would take some time and I felt the need to get on with creating a future. But a part of that means...
  7. M

    New guy on the block - 'cept I'm a girl

    Hi, just heard about ESMB a couple of hours ago from an OOT I trained with at Flag. What a great idea! I think most of us have become accustomed to belonging to a group, and when you walk away you can be left feeling alone. And it helps if you can understand how the hell you got caught up in...
  8. loose cannon

    Robert Dam on Marty Rathbun

    The following is what Robert Dam, a Danish ex-scientologists, wrote about his meeting with Marty while still being in the Church, but already in disgrace, having been chosen as a scapegoat. I wonder if Marty has really changed his modus operandi ever since:
  9. jenni with an eye

    Flag Chaplains, Lies, (but) No Videotape

    I have been out of scientology for 3 years now and every now and then I run into scientology friends who like to let me know the latest gossip. There is a False Report about me that has been circulated amongst still-in public concerning the two Flag Chaplains who made an uninvited visit to my...
  10. Mest Lover

    Flag Rep'ed Off?

    Ok! So I haven't seen anything else on this and it is my main sticking point of their lies! I was asked to be the Flag Rep for Chicago Org. They told me that I would earn exactly the same pay as the ED of Chicago (at that time the ED was Sarah Wells). They told me she (Sarah Wells) earned...
  11. AnonyMary

    What's Wrong With This Picture? lol - Flag Fakes An OT VIII Comp Announcement Photo

    What's Wrong With This Picture? lol - Flag Fakes An OT VII ( not OT VIII) Comp Announcement Photo I am not very good at scanning things but I just had to get this up after seeing a new Flag promo piece in the mail that was badly photo shopped, resulting in 2 different arms without a body and...
  12. M

    Flag Promo - where are these people now? And who are they?

    I found a promo for Flag video and watched it again. I don't know when it was shot, but since then the CoS has been losing people hand over fist. I I took screen captures of the people who gave inspiring quotes. Are these people still in? Are they Sea Org? Are the actors...
  13. Flag-2005

    ANyone Posted At Flag Service Org or FLB?

    Hello, I was hoping to get in touch or hear news of Flag. If you have been posted in Clearwater or were a public there perhaps this thread can connect old friends and to make new ones. I watch out on Youtube for news on FSO and occasionally see protests there and it just seems the same old...
  14. Pooks

    Completions: Source Magazine (FLAG)

    Scientology Service Completions - Source 206 [circa November 2009 ] TAS : Scientology Statistics : Source : Source 206 Source 206 [ circa November 2009 ] Quick Stats: 1272 completions 723 individuals 38 different services LIFE REPAIR [ 10 ] Giorgio Maulu Joanna...
  15. Wisened One

    Ok, I'm telling more of my leave story.

    Hey again. I've posted a bit on here and on OCMB, left for a long while (about a year from here) and am back! I want to share with you more of my leaving story (this was years ago). Please hit your refresh button before (and probably right after) reading, because I keep adding/editing...