1. mnql1

    French film director says Tom Cruise is "dumb as a cigar"

    Jean-Pierre Mocky, a French film director, actor, screenwriter and producer, recently published a book titled Je vais encore me faire des amis! ("I'm going to make some more friends!"), in which he writes candidly and with humor about persons he has encountered throughout his life. In a section...
  2. Albion

    Need help in the Gloria Lopez affair (France)

    Good afternoon all, Up now at Tony Ortega's Underground Bunker is my first story in a series on the 2006 suicide in France of Scientologist Gloria Lopez. I'll be running more stories over at Infinite Complacency in the coming weeks. We are starting by asking for information on three witnesses...
  3. mnql1

    Georges Fenech interviewed about Scientology, Sept. 12, 2014

    Here, with English subtitles, is the video of a September 12, 2014 radio interview with Georges Fenech, who is currently a member of France's parliament, the National Assembly. Georges Fenech was president of France's cult-monitoring agency, MIVILUDES, from 2008 to 2012, and he was the...
  4. mnql1

    France: Scientologists to be investigated for workplace harassment

    Translation of a French article posted on July 23, 2014 on the website: L’Eglise de scientologie visée par une enquête préliminaire pour «harcèlement moral» et «abus de faiblesse»
  5. mnql1

    France: Scientology aiming to build a blacklist of judges

    Translation of a French article published in the February 20, 2014 edition (issue 2572) of the weekly newsmagazine Le Nouvel Observateur (snapshot below; text available online at this link: Des scientologues chez les magistrats) Related thread, May 2, 2012: France: Scientologists protest...
  6. mnql1

    France's highest court upholds Scientology's fraud conviction

    Translation of a French article posted on Wednesday, October 16, 2013 on the BFMTV website: Escroquerie: la scientologie définitivement condamnée en France
  7. jojo

    French High Court to Rule on Scientology Fraud (Again!) The organization, which promotes its strong Hollywood and celebrity ties abroad, is appealing a conviction on charges of "organized fraud."PARIS – Scientology is again on trial in France, with the high court here...
  8. mnql1

    Court rejects Scientology compensation claim against a French city

    Translation of a French article published on Saturday, July 13, 2013 in the Angers edition of the daily newspaper Le Courier de l'Ouest, page 3. The article is not available on the newspaper's website, but it has been reproduced on some websites devoted to monitoring cults (example). Snapshot...
  9. mnql1

    Scientology documentary: Money, Mysteries, and Controversies

    Money, Mysteries, and Controversies: At the Heart of Scientology (Argent, mystères et polémiques: au coeur de la scientologie) A documentary in French, with English subtitles, filmed in Paris, India, Clearwater, and London; first broadcast in France on Sunday, September 2, 2012 on the M6...
  10. mnql1

    France: Scientology takes City of Reims to court and loses

    Translation of a French article posted on May 16, 2012 on the website of L'Union, a daily newspaper headquartered in Reims, France. Tribunal Administratif / La Scientologie recalée
  11. mnql1

    France: Scientologists protest against "the indoctrination of judges"

    Translation of a French article posted on May 2, 2012 on the website of Le Monde: Manifestation de scientologues contre "l'endoctrinement des magistrats" Brief video of the protest:
  12. mnql1

    Arnaud Palisson vindicated by Scientology's fraud conviction in France

    Arnaud Palisson, a police officer who monitored cults for France's domestic intelligence agency, obtained a Doctor of Law degree in 2002 and the subject of his doctoral thesis was how the Church of Scientology violates the law. After the thesis was posted on the internet, Scientology and its...
  13. mnql1

    HELP the Investigation into the Gloria Lopez suicide

    Translation of a French article posted on Feb. 7, 2012 on the website: Une enquête sur le suicide d'une adepte de la Scientologie classée sans suite
  14. degraded being

    French appeals court upheld the Church of Scientology’s 2009 fraud conviction French appeals court upholds Church of Scientology’s 2009 fraud conviction By Associated Press, Updated: Thursday, February 2, 9:14 PM...
  15. mnql1

    France: Campaign to place "The Way to Happiness" DVDs in schools

    Translation of a French article posted on January 20, 2012 on the website of the monthly science magazine Sciences et Avenir: EXCLUSIF: la Scientologie veut-elle entrer à l'école? The full email: Screen capture of David Hostettler's email (from the article)
  16. mnql1

    France 2009: Georges Fenech & Eric Roux Face to Face

    A few days after Scientology was convicted of organized fraud on October 27, 2009 in Paris, Georges Fenech, the president of France's cult-monitoring agency MIVILUDES and Scientology spokesman Eric Roux met face-to-face on French television for the first and only time. This is the video of...
  17. mnql1

    2 US Congressmen ask French PM to disband MIVILUDES

    U.S. Congressmen Trent Franks (R-Arizona) and Heath Shuler (D-North Carolina) signed a letter dated October 28, 2011 and addressed to French Prime Minister François Fillon, asking him to disband MIVILUDES, the Interministerial Mission of Vigilance and Combat against Sectarian Abuses...
  18. mnql1

    France: Initial plaintiff withdrew from Nov. 3 appeal trial

    In news published on Nov. 2, 2011, it was revealed that the woman whose 1998 complaint led to Scientology's 2009 conviction for organized fraud has withdrawn from the proceedings and that, as a result, no individual plaintiffs will be involved in the Nov. 3, 2011 appeal trail. This would leave...
  19. mnql1

    France: COS says Justice Ministry infringing on appeal trial (Nov. 3, 2011)

    Translation of a French article posted on Oct. 24, 2011 on many websites, for example: La Scientologie attaque une circulaire sur les "dérives sectaires"
  20. mnql1

    Scientology suing the Government of France

    A June 3, 2011 Scientology press release announces that the "Spiritual Association of the Church of Scientology - Celebrity Centre" is suing the Government of France for one million euros in damages. The association was convicted of organized fraud in October 2009 (the press release omits...
  21. mnql1

    France: Case of a Scientology school grinds on

    Translation of a French article posted on May 11, 2011 on the website of several daily newspapers, for example L'Est Républicain: La justice sur les traces d'une école liée à la Scientologie
  22. mnql1

    France: Scientology appeal trial Nov. 3 - Dec. 1, 2011

    Translation of an article posted on May 9, 2011 on the website of French daily newspaper Le Figaro: Scientologie: procès en novembre
  23. AnonyMary

    Testimony of Mylène Pillorget -Disconnection at it's worst

    God, this is one of the most moving interview videos I have ever seen. Testimony of Mylène Pillorget, who spent 21 years in the cult of scientology. On radio France Culture, 2008, by Sonia Kronlund. After she left she couldn't speak to her chidren. Mylène died in 2010. Her children didn't...
  24. mnql1

    Alain Stoffen & Buddhist Matthieu Ricard

    In this video, Matthieu Ricard, a French Buddhist monk who is one of the Dalai Lama's interpreters, reacts to former Scientologist Alain Stoffen's account of his experience in Scientology. This an excerpt from the Oct. 31, 2009 edition of the French program Salut les terriens ("Greetings...