1. Free to shine

    Elisabeth Moss talks Scientology and “The Handmaids Tale”

    Well sort of ... :eyeroll: Usual PR :blah::blah: Honestly it makes you want to shake them awake.
  2. Free to shine

    Scientology cancels planned mock FBI raid on downtown building

    Unreal!! They like to pretend they were never raided by the FBI themselves. Scientology cancels planned mock FBI raid on downtown building
  3. Free to shine

    Twenty Things Judges Have Said About Scientology

    A nice round-up of quotable quotes! Example: [/B]
  4. Free to shine

    New Zealand Ideal Org opening this year?

    Mike Rinder has posted some promo about an "Ideal Org" for NZ. Lots of pics!
  5. Free to shine

    Trial about Narconon set in New York on April 7 2016 - includes documents (If there is another thread on this, please report this thread so it can be merged. There are so many cases about Narconon!)
  6. Free to shine

    Shocking Scientology Emails Released In Kirstie Alley Lawsuit

    Oh I do love these stories. :biggrin: Thread title is from the article. ‘Blood, Sex, Crime!’ Shocking Scientology Emails Released In Kirstie Alley Lawsuit Reveal Dark Secrets Of The Church Posted on Jul 14, 2015 @ 3:59AM...
  7. Free to shine

    Is David Miscavige really planning to extend Scientology’s ‘Bridge’?

    Looks like he is!
  8. Free to shine

    Australian Charities Commission Could Investigate Church of Scientology

    30th June 2015 - This is great! (ACNC is the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.) Full article is here:
  9. Free to shine

    20 questions about the religious cloaking of scientology.

    Terrific article at the Underground Bunker that shows the complex legal religious cloaking in an understandable way. Well worth the read, especially the chart at the end...
  10. Free to shine

    Garcia's say ‘We never agreed that Scientology is a religion’

  11. AnonyMary

    Kudos to Mike Laws Re: Frank Pate Federal Indictment on wire fraud charges

    Kudos to Mike Laws Re: Frank Pate Federal Indictment on wire fraud charges Tony Ortega reports today. Docs included. Kudos to Mike Laws for helping expose this con and assisting in getting it investigated by the federal government. Former Scientologist indicted in financial scheme that...
  12. Lermanet_com

    The FRAUD of $cientology: from Black's Law to Dante's Inferno - The worst of sins From Blacks Law Dictionary: Fraud: An intentional perversion of the truth for the purpose of inducing another in reliance upon it to part with some valuable thing or to surrender a legal right; a false representation of a matter of fact...
  13. mnql1

    Belgium deciding if Scientology to face trial in criminal court

    Translation of a French article posted on January 9, 2014 on the website of the Belgian daily newspaper Le Soir: L’Eglise de Scientologie comparait devant la chambre du conseil
  14. AnonyMary

    Narconon PR Pawn Arrested Four Days Before Fox News Story Aired!!

    Our Miss Fortune of the Glistening, Quivering Underbelly blog has once again dug deep and come up with gold. Taking a cue from posts on Reaching For The Tipping Point, she found that, according to Calhoun County MI records, The Freedom Center Graduate on Fox59 in Indiana - Sara Doan - was...
  15. AnonyMary

    The Rise and Fall of the Narconon Internet Marketing Empire Series

    Narconon Reviews presents: The Rise and Fall of the Narconon Internet Marketing Empire (Part 1) Written by SEOlogy on November 18, 2013 This is the beginning of a 10-part series on Narconon’s Internet Marketing. Join “SEOlogy” as we explore the history of Narconon’s internet marketing...
  16. mnql1

    France's highest court upholds Scientology's fraud conviction

    Translation of a French article posted on Wednesday, October 16, 2013 on the BFMTV website: Escroquerie: la scientologie définitivement condamnée en France
  17. AnonyMary

    Former Staff Member Talks Narconon Louisiana aka Narconon Riverbend

    Narconon is Scientology. Incriminating info: The following begins with correspondence I received initially via fwd copy by someone else, asking me to help post the information from former Narconon student and staff member who was involved with Narconon Louisiana aka Narconon Riverbend in...
  18. AnonyMary

    Narconon Oklahoma Hit With 5 More Lawsuits. Accused of Fraud in Each!

    Narconon Oklahoma hit With 5 more lawsuits. Accused of fraud in each. Read the complaints! Tony Ortega wrote Scientology’s troubled flagship drug rehab facility in Oklahoma — Narconon Arrowhead — was hit with five additional lawsuits today, all filed by Gary Richardson, the attorney who...
  19. Jump

    L Ron Hubbard Presents . . .

    Anybody remember "Alfred Hitchcock presents"? It used to feature a different horror story each week on TV. Hope one day to see "Ron Hubbard Presents..." Each week could be a story about someone`s experiences in Scientology. No shortage of stories. No shortage of horror. This was...
  20. Intelligence

    Whistleblower Links Georgia Narconon To Scientology

    Published on Oct 3, 2012 by Intelligenceplus October 3, 2012 - Lucas Catton told Flesicher he knows the Narconon drug treatment program better than almost anyone. He went through it as a student, and then rose to be become president of the Flagship Arrowhead facility in Oklahoma. "Is it what it...
  21. AnonyMary

    Narconon Investigation Pt2 Listen Live now, 7:45 am EST

    Part 2 - Pete Combs WSB Radio Broadcast Narconon Investigation Listen Live 7:45 am EST: ethercat's review when it played at 6:15am this morning
  22. Anonycat

    Narconon Debunked by its own Expert

    Thanks to Xenu for this. The expert witness, an MD, also fails to defend the vitamin and sauna regimen. It makes me wonder about the rest of the testimony, since in the part they quote...
  23. AnonyMary

    Imagine you are at Narconon Freedom Center - a personal story

    Tipping Point Forum author=ethercat wrote: Read on for more,11213.0.html
  24. AnonyMary

    RICO Claims Filed against Narconon GA Narconon INT, et al

    Just want to share with you information about the recent amended complaint filed in the ongoing Patrick Desmond case against Narconon GA, Narconon Int, et al.,. which has been discussed on ESMB in the past. This most important document was released today over at
  25. mnql1

    Belgium: Two Scientology fraud cases under investigation

    Translation of a French article posted on Feb. 3, 2012 on the website of weekly Belgian magazine Le Vif/L'Express: Scientologie: deux affaires toujours en cours d'instruction en Belgique
  26. HelluvaHoax!

    Scientology In2wordsorless

    ... Well, I once decided try to capture the essence of Scientology in 1 word or less. That's where HelluvaHoax! came from. I kinda cheated but it was greatest good. Weeeeeeeee! Now there is an even bigger challenge which must be met, if we are to save this planet! DESCRIBE SCIENTOLOGY IN...
  27. mnql1

    France: Case of a Scientology school grinds on

    Translation of a French article posted on May 11, 2011 on the website of several daily newspapers, for example L'Est Républicain: La justice sur les traces d'une école liée à la Scientologie
  28. AnonyMary

    Stop Fake or No Caller ID Calls From CoS: Calls: FCC Wants to Stop Caller ID Spoofing

    The FCC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM ) seeks comments on their proposed rules to implement the Truth in Caller ID Act of 2009 (Truth in Caller ID Act, or Act), signed into law on December 22, 2010. This would effect direct and third party users of misleading Caller IDs, with certain...
  29. Jump

    Truth about Scientology - AnonSA

    From Anon South Australia Website This is a compilation document - an overview of Scientology fraud and abuses with original scans and pics. This takes the reader through from Hubbard's navy record through Operation Snow White, Operation Freak Out, David Miscavige, disconnection, the Anonymous...
  30. S

    Tom loses a friend

    German Defence Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg has stepped down after he was found to have copied large parts of his 2006 university doctorate thesis. This fraud was a good friend of Tom Cruise and played some part in Tom's Bambi, awarded a few years ago for Valkyrie, filmed in Germany...