freedom magazine

  1. L

    Free them mag

    Using the number of contributors to Freedom Magazine, has anyone tried to judge how may public Sci-lons are left ??
  2. mnql1

    France: Scientology takes City of Reims to court and loses

    Translation of a French article posted on May 16, 2012 on the website of L'Union, a daily newspaper headquartered in Reims, France. Tribunal Administratif / La Scientologie recalée
  3. Feral

    I'm in awe of Freedom Magazine.

    I really miss Freedom Magazine being sent to my door. I know OSA has been very interested in the threads on this board so will no doubt have the opportunity to correct the fact that I no longer get a hard copy of this fantastic publication. I'm forced to get the webbed version and as I read it...
  4. AnonKat

    Freedom Magazine VS Anderson cooper
  5. U

    Report of OSA at CNN with Freedom Mag

    Cross posting from WWP Report of OSA at CNN with Freedom Mag