1. X

    2013 Freezone Convention

    Hey all! I was just wondering if there are any videos of the 2013 FZ convention, there usually is. Did it happen? Metta, Alex
  2. AnonKat

    Roger Boswarva Freezone 2009 october third

    Roger Boswarva explains observations and discoveries he and Alan Walter have made concerning the emotional tone scale and relationships between cause and effect. This speech was made at the 2009 Free Zone Conference held in Pasadena California on 3 Oct 2009...
  3. AnonKat

    Grand Tour of the Indies 2013, Message from Israël

    From the country that David Miscavige "lost"
  4. X

    Where can I get an E-Meter?

    So, I am currently a newbie regarding Scio stuff. I've taken a few courses, but nothing too serious. Anyway, I have been searching for a while, with no avail, for an e-meter that I can actually afford. Does anyone know where I could get an emeter for around 100 bucks or less? any help would be...
  5. 2briancox

    Ex-member of the CoS- Brian Cox

    Hi, I'm a former member of the "Corporate Scientology" world as Marty Rathbun would call it. I'm very interested in hearing from other people who are out that I might have run into on the past. I started out in Champaign mission in December of 1993. I then went to St Louis Org where I...
  6. loose cannon

    Who is the one spamming about the Steve Hall thing?

    Hi. 7 hours ago I got the following unrequested e-mail. Header: Others were apparently in a carbon copy. Content: Is it normal that an ethics officer wants to stay anonymous?
  7. HP Aradia

    New Member

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm one of the founding members of the Michigan Scientologists Freezone group. We are on Facebook and are celebrating our second year as member of the International Freezone Association. Our focus is on training in LRH tech up to Class VI. I was on staff at...
  8. V

    The Scientology "Soft Landing Place" - blog post by Just Bill ---------- Post added at 10:53 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:44 AM ---------- There is a good line from the post: Isn't THAT true?!
  9. mate

    Does the Freezone help in dismantling the CofS?

    I personally believe that the Freezone is providing a very important contribution towards the dismantling of the CofS. Scientology as a personal development program, certainly has some points going for it. In my time, I found that the then Life Repair program was remarkably effective in many but...
  10. S

    new video with Phil Spickler – Oct 18, 2010

    We made a new video-recording with Phil, that is available to see at or The direct link: Links to separate parts:
  11. AnonKat

    Coversations About Scientology: The Other Scientology
  12. scino

    Portal to Freezone ?

    ( Not sure if I should post this in the Freezone section ). I made a post in my blog ( on math ) about how Scientology uses the Greek symobols theta, phi and lambda. I provided links to Wikipedia on these symbols and a link to Scientology. I wanted to link to the freezone as well. This is my...
  13. AnonKat

    Aida Thomas - 4th of July
  14. Ulf K. Maier

    Is a "FreeZoner" an Ex-Scientologist?

  15. AnonKat

    David Mayo - Legal Defense Fund Dinner.

    Legal Defense Fund Dinner 5 October 1985 Organized by "The Friday Night" group. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
  16. AnonKat

    David Mayo - Non-Metered Auditing

    David Mayo 8 February 1986 Auditing without an E-meter. Long Lecture, 1:47:44 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
  17. AnonKat

    David Mayo in a Lecture

    David Mayo -Talk on Disillusionment David Mayo -Talk on Disillusionment David Mayo, L. Ron Hubbard's auditor, Snr C/S Int from 1978 till 1982, ex-scientologist. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3...