garcia v scientology

  1. CommunicatorIC

    Garcias back in court in fraud lawsuit after Scientology makes arbitration impossible

    Garcias back in court in federal fraud lawsuit after Scientology makes arbitration impossible, they say. Tony Ortega: Garcias back in court in federal fraud lawsuit after Scientology makes arbitration impossible, they say...
  2. K

    The time has come: Scientology's religious status being challenged in COURT!
  3. Free to shine

    Garcia's say ‘We never agreed that Scientology is a religion’

  4. W


    FROM THE UNDERGROUND BUNKER GARCIA FRAUD CASE ENDED AS JUDGE GRANTS SCIENTOLOGY ARBITRATION MOTION Judge James D. Whittemore "Federal Judge James D. Whittemore ended the Luis and Rocio Garcia fraud lawsuit against the Church of Scientology today by finding that Scientology can enforce...
  5. Free to shine

    Luis and Rocio Garcia fraud lawsuit - new thread - Feb 2015 events

    As this lawsuit is about to fire up again and other threads are tending towards related discussions, here is a new thread for the lawsuit's current events. Tony Ortega writes: Days before crucial hearing, Scientology pulls out a ghost to sway a federal judge...
  6. CommunicatorIC

    Leah Remini in talks to sue Scientology seeking refunds for former members

    Leah Remini in talks to sue Scientology seeking refunds for former members. Tony Ortega: LEAH REMINI IN TALKS TO SUE SCIENTOLOGY: MIKE RINDER TESTIMONY * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * * In July...
  7. Type4_PTS

    VIDEO LEAK: See Former Scientology Official Marty Rathbun Interrogated Under Oath

    From the Underground Bunker... Tony Ortega:
  8. Type4_PTS

    Babbitt’s Gambit: Recasting Garcia Federal Fraud Lawsuit Against Scientology

    Breaking news from deep within the Underground Bunker: "After several months delay in the federal fraud lawsuit that Luis and Rocio Garcia brought against the Church of Scientology, the Garcias have filed a surprising new motion: They’re dropping three defendants from the suit and asking...
  9. JBWriter

    Garcia v Scientology - Federal Fraud Lawsuit - Pre-Trial Hearing - October 2013

    Tony Ortega, proprietor of The Underground Bunker, is reporting today from the federal courthouse in Tampa, Florida. :thumbsup: Here's a link to the blog: JB
  10. BlackRob

    REVERSE WARRIOR: Brian Culkin Hires Ray Jeffrey, Blasts Scientology in Court Filing

    What the fuck? Last week, the Church of Scientology claimed in a filing to federal Judge James Whittemore that it needed to depose Boston resident Brian Culkin in Massachusetts because the yoga teacher was too afraid to attend an evidentiary hearing scheduled for September 26 in Tampa, Florida...
  11. WildKat

    Brian Culkin on Scientology

    This is one of the best videos I've ever seen. [Saw it on Tony's site, but copied from Youtube.] Kinda bummed when I saw the last frame - apparently he signed something to benefit the church's case in order to get...
  12. ChuckNorrisCutsMyLawn

    Scientology Asks For Judge’s Help Because You Were Mean To Brian Culkin How can a judge respond to this with anything other than a facepalm? I worked my ass off to put myself through law school, become an attorney, and then a judge, to deal with this...
  13. Isene

    More on Brian Culkin and the Lynch Mob

    Part of what I wrote: Backdrop: Article on Tony Ortega’s blog and my blog post titled, “WTF? OMG! BBQ!“ (links on blog post) When this news reached the main Independent Scientologists Facebook group, all hell broke lose. Even before the comments to Ortega’s piled up good. Without any...
  14. CommunicatorIC

    Garcia case - new developments 4/22/13; Marty declaration

    From Tony Ortega: GARCIAS RESPOND TO SCIENTOLOGY: YOU’RE A BIG RIPOFF Excerpts: Mark Rathbun Declaration, Garcia Lawsuit Excerpt from Marty's declaration: Luis Garcia Declaration Randall Wise...
  15. Idle Morgue

    "Scientology Litigation" posted on Theodore Babbit's website! This is HOT!

    One of our favorite Es Pee attorney who is not afraid of the cult has gone BOLD and has a link on his website! The times sure are more fear of FAIR GAME. David Miscavige should be donning his Depend's Adult Diaper's by now!! Our Success...
  16. Emma

    Luis Garcia's Lawyer taking cases on a contingency basis

    Hey guys, ever wanted to take on the bastards & get your Super Power or IAS money back but couldn't afford a lawyer? The law firm that Luis Garcia has hired are taking on cases on a contingency basis. This means that those who cannot afford a lawyer to pay for a lawsuit can be represented to...
  17. TrevAnon

    COS sued for fraud

    More at link
  18. O

    Brian Culkin's $350,000 refund and the Garcia Case

    From Marty's blog, but not an Independent Scientology issue / matter.
  19. T

    Co$ loses *another* one - Rocio Garcia

    Another public departure from Co$! This time it's a public person who was on OT VI when they were told they had to redo OT V and then later told they weren't Clear. Her public "I quit!" announcement is posted here on Marty's Blog.