1. T

    Aussie Ex Scientologist For Series

    Hi Everyone! I'm currently searching High and Low to interview an Australian about their experience in the cult. The docu-series is mostly focusing on LGBTQ+ People in the 'church' but would love to get an insiders perspective on it all! I'm Brisbane ish based but looking for anywhere in...
  2. J

    Yes I'm out....mostly because I'm out

    Hi, I am new here and just wanted to share my story. I had been a scientologist for over 10 years. I did all the right on Book One, lots of metered co-auditing, two purifs, completed the books and lecture BASICS courses. Trained through Upper Indocs. Last fall I...
  3. PeterMan

    Zero Scientology

    Curious if there are ex-Scientologists who, like me, no longer use it at all in their life. Zero faith. I was a Scientologist for about five years at a church; I mainly studied and did a little processing. I also worked there about half that time. I was very "rabid" I would say and took it...
  4. JBWriter

    John Travolta "Outed" by Margaret Cho - Video & Blog (via HuffPo) ^^^^ Margaret Cho's blog entry and the video clip from her Australian comedy tour. She doesn't mention Co$ but does mention Tom Cruise - not sure if that implies Co$. Edit: Found...
  5. renegade

    Luka Rocco Magnotta, Porn Star, Scientologist? Murderer?

    Sheesh! scn porn star?
  6. Papabear

    Homosexuals- Treatment of in Scientology

    Hello Y'all! I would like a little help regarding the pic of gays in Scientology. This subject has been brought up to me by a Scn friend, and I am looking for additional first hand data. I will post a couple of quotes from the email I got and if anyone has any personal experiences about it...