1. lotus

    25 years fall of the Berlin wall

    Hello, This week-end was the 25th anniversary of the fall of theBerlin wall. Most of us may remember this day as if it was yesterday - a major event while people took their own destinity, while an opportunity was created - a breach in the system, in the law, and oppression enforcing...
  2. Nicole

    OSA - Troll Ziegler

    2 days ago a Scientologist (I am 99,9 % sure he is an OSA - Troll), posted that he has stalked me, or another reader of my blog. I am not really sure who. I will try to translate the sentences. "Easter Sunday, you remember. Red Berlingo (Citroen/Car) HD - XX XX Are you taking a walk? you...
  3. Idle Morgue

    Hamburg Idle Morgue update - it's idle as hell!

    Mike Rinder visited the Hamburg Morgue - no one there - poor 64 year old woman has spent 24 years and is a mess. Poor thing! I hope it closes soon! They cannot even afford trash pick up or maybe that is the new delivered e-meters they were forced to buy to have on hand in the idle book...
  4. P

    German National Television promotes Janicello's Book

    This was on Janicello's Blog today. "National Television Things are starting off on the right foot today. I just booked my first national TV promotion for "Naked in the Spotlight" in Germany. On June 23rd, I will be studio guest on MDR (one of the german national stations) on their...
  5. Nicole

    Thank You Anonymous!

    Last weekend I protested with some other critics in Münster. It was a peacefull protest. We talked with passersby, we gave flyers out etc. It was a great Ex-Scientologist and other critics protest. After the protest I thought about what would happened, when we would have made this protest...
  6. Nicole

    ABLE in Germany

    In Germany exists official only 4 applied scholastics (ABLE) private coaching for kids (and adults). The "school" "Die Streber" (Tina and Jenny Salomon) seemed to moved from a big town Münster...
  7. T

    Hello People :-(

    Hi, I hope it it's ok that I read in German, my English its Ok bad i can't read my thoghts in English, I hope one gay translate the text. Ich bin ein Ex-staff Member und ein Ex-SeaOrg Member. Ich wahr staff in der Berliner Org und SeaOrg Member in Saint Hill AOSH UK. ein freund hat...
  8. AnonKat

    Berlin, It's all about Love and Respect, July 2010
  9. Rheinländer

    Where did the money for idle Stuttgart org go?

    Stuttgart Org wants to become idle org, they say. They collected funds specifically for this. Now, they told the press that they do not find premises and moved to a quite downstat place in a more industrial part of town. That just doesn't make any sense. Could it be that the money they collected...
  10. AnonyMary

    Variety reviews Scn Expose' movie "Until Nothing Is Left"

    Remember the 'New German Movie on Scientology and disconnection "Until nothing is left" press Report '? Well, Hollywood's Variety Magazine has an online review of the movie. Good to give the website hits by visiting it and commenting. Variety Entertainment News Movier Review Berlin Intl...
  11. Krautfag

    German TV movie about Scientology

    This might be relevant to your interests:,1518,675388,00.html English version:,1518,675298,00.html