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  1. Caroline

    Scientology v. Armstrong: Litigation documents

    Over the years, we have created a few repositories of the Scientology v. Armstrong litigation documents. We built the original site in Germany, in Pastor Thomas Gandow's attic. Later, after WordPress rocked the world, and I was trying my hand at php, I...
  2. Caroline

    Marty Rathbun knows Scientology terrorism

    Gerry's article continues... ...and closes: Excerpted from Marty Rathbun knows Scientology terrorism by Gerry Armstrong (31 December 2014)
  3. Caroline

    The Armstrong Operation

    It was thirty-three years ago today that Gerry blew as Hubbard's biography researcher, blew the Sea Org and blew Scientology. His blow triggered the Armstrong Op, the end of which is just out of sight. Gerry's intro to the site, which we are continuing to build:
  4. Caroline

    Looking for photos for the Armstrong Op site

    Gerry and I are assembling documents relating to Scientology's fair game on Michael Flynn and Gerry. I'm posting some of these documents on a new site: The Armstrong Op. The basic facts of this operation are provided in Gerry's 1994 declaration. (Of course we know much more about the Armstrong...
  5. Caroline

    The Suppressive Doctrine on Trial: Opening Statement by Gerry Armstrong Related WWP thread:
  6. Caroline

    Russian “Press Council” decision for the Scientologists against Russia 1 TV

    There has been a decision by the Russian “Press Council” that Scientology was unfairly treated in the June 23, 2011 broadcast of a panel discussion on Russia 1 television program "Pryamoy Efir." Gerry and Dr. Alexander Dvorkin participated in the program. The “Press Council” was apparently...
  7. Caroline

    L. Ron Hubbard's Affirmations: 1984 Armstrong trial transcript excerpts

    Related thread: Affirmations - new Wikipedia article I'll add some references to Hubbard's Affirmations, from the Armstrong 1 trial, summations. THE COURT: Judge Paul G. Breckenridge. MR. LITT: Barrett S. Litt. Attorney representing Mary Sue Hubbard. MR. FLYNN: Michael Flynn. Attorney...
  8. Caroline

    Skirmish over YT video of Mike Rinder black PRing Gerry Armstrong and Graham Berry

    On June 3, 2012, Gerry and I published a short video containing a couple of clips from an interview German filmmaker Markus Thoess did of Mike Rinder for the recently aired OSA documentary. Thoess gave Gerry the clips and authorized him to publish them because they show Rinder black PRing Gerry...