1. AnonKat

    My Super Seven needs a new clock. MarkNR at Marty's
  2. X

    GSR/E-meter for Psychological research

    Hi! I am a psychology undergraduate who would like to do some research involving Galvanic Skin Response in relation to traumatic memories. The studies that I am aware of are lacking in the areas of clinical application and the placebo effect. I would like to see if the E-meter provides the same...
  3. AnonKat

    E-Meter Present Christmas - KIDS LOVE IT !

    THIS YEARS MUST HAVE XMAS PRESENT Is your best friend lieing to you about something ? Does he/she hide things from you that you should know ? FIND OUT NOW ! With the LEGO[tm] Electropsycho-Meter for kids :coolwink: Test your friends loyalty with the new RCX 1.0...