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  1. C

    What was Mary Sue Hubbard's Sea Org rank?

    Mary Sue Hubbard was aboard the Sea Org ships during the 1960s and early 1970s, but does anyone know what rank she had? Or indeed if she was a Sea Org member? If she was, would that have made her the only person other than LRH who had authority in both the Guardian's Office and the Sea Org?
  2. C

    Jane Kember before the Guardian's Office

    I'm doing some research at the moment on the origins of the Guardian's Office but I'm wondering about how Jane Kember came to be so prominent. There's a fair bit of information about what she did after becoming Deputy Guardian for Intelligence (in 1966) and then Guardian World-Wide, replacing...
  3. SweetnessandLight

    Early Mission Holder History~Peter Greene Transcript

    From: "Peter Greene - Debrief 23 June 1982 This document is also available from Peter Greene was one of the first franchise holders circa 1952, before there was the Church. He later went to South Africa and...
  4. Caroline

    "Confidential" GO Intelligence Course Full Hat

    The Suppressive Person Defense League is making available our copy of the Guardian’s Office “Confidential Intelligence Course” pack. This checksheet and some of the checksheet items have been available for some time on and elsewhere. To our knowledge, however, the material as a pack or...
  5. M

    Mike McClaughry

    My name is Mike McClaughry. My videos exposing Church of Scientology Guardian's Office activities can be found here: My blog is here: If anyone wishes to contact me, you can email me at vmcc AT icehouse DOT net. Mike