help please

  1. N


    Hi my name is nero that´s a nick, but i found this website because i think i can find help here in my situation. the last 3 month my feancee and me leave flag, there both we´re trainees for the next AO Latam she was a Class V auditor and me i was security in SNR HCO. the thing is, the church...
  2. DriverJan

    DriverJan in search of help for Anthro Paper

    Hi, I'm DriverJan. I confess I am not an ex-scientologist or a scientologist of any kind. I am a college anthropology student doing a ethnography about Scientology and Kinship Relationships, in other words about how Scientology defines family structures, who is related to whom, and their mutual...
  3. S

    Looking for Interviewees for Feature Story.

    Hi! I am college student studying journalism and wish to write a feature story on ex-members of the church. I want to talk to indivuals whose lives have been dramatically impacted by scientology. I simply want to know your background with the church, how/when you left, the aftermath of leaving...
  4. S

    Please help me. Scientology is going to destroy my family.

    For fear of being recognized by Scientologists, I will keep the personal details to a minimum. A loved one is getting deep into the org. Staff members are increasingly trying to do all they can to make scientology my loved one's life. They ask for multi-thousand dollar donations (knowing...