1. Andy Nolch

    Ron's Journal Analysis-Indie Scientology Podcast#47

    FIND OUT THE TRUTH HERE L. Ron Hubbard made some new years messages during the 80s, or so we think, it's quite possible some of these Ron's Journals were fake!
  2. Andy Nolch

    OEC6 Chat With Max Hauri-Indie Scientology Podcast

    How do you boom an org? How do you boom anything for that matter? Find out here. Max's org website: The Indie Scientology Podcast has mind blowing guest interviews, success stories, LRH quotes and much much more. Hosted by Andy Nolch the space cowboy. Available on most...
  3. johnAnchovie

    My take on the new Dublin Office

    A bit of an essay, so rather than be accused of TLDR here is the link to my FB notes post.
  4. D

    Proof Ron was MURDERED

    I know things like this pop up all the time...but the story of this is quite remarkable. If only I had $1,600. I'd hop on this. I wrote the guy and he has the original receipt and the photographs used to create this. What makes it even more intriguing is that this proves Hubbard was murdered! He...
  5. FreeThePeople44

    Hubbard as a pedophile?

    I have been searching around for more information on what I heard in a YouTube video with Jon Atack and Steve Hassan. Jon talks about Hubbard raping children but I can find nothing on the net about this. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Here is the video below. Jon talks about...
  6. Lermanet_com

    HUBBARD QUOTES WANTED re "religious beliefs" Hubbard Coroner's report re Cremation

    THIS MAKES NO SENSE Quote from Coroner's report on the Death of L Ron Hubbard (Emphasis MINE) LINK (pdf) "Mr Lenske presented writer with a Certificate of Religious Belief as set forth in Government Code Section SS27491~43~ reading in part: "I, LaFayette Ronald Hubbard~ declare: (1) I am a...
  7. Caroline

    The Tone Scale: Background data

    Hubbard's tone scale tech is one of the most fundamental of Scientology basics. Science of Survival (1951) and its "Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation" provides the criteria with which Scientologists evaluate each other's relative worth, psychiatric range, truth factor, how they handle other...
  8. A

    What is freedom?

    What does freedom mean for the scientologist? Did Hubbard confuse freedom with power? Power with control? Is the ultimate picture of freedom - omnipotent thetans throwing ‘galaxies’ at each other? Or is it the picture of ultimate power? How do scientologists perceive freedom?
  9. Nicole

    TV tip for Germanfags

    On Sunday the 01. September 2013 (23:20), the ARD shows in ttt a report about Scientology. "Das Vermächtnis des L. Ron Hubbard" - "The legacy of L. Ron Hubbard" More information here:
  10. Lermanet_com

    Process Church, Jack Parsons, Hubbard mentioned in "The secret Space program"

    Mr Peter Lavenda "The secret Space program" - Hubbard, Parsons, Crowley, Process Church and UFOs... and I'm only at 15 minute mark and decided to share this... This guy is awesome! A meticulous researcher.
  11. D

    Scientology - Linked to Satanism

    I recently watched an interview with the son of L Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, Ron DeWolf, he claimed that Scientology was a mere business venture and that his father was involved in black magik and occult practices. Some of the churches ideologies are centred around a belief that...
  12. johnAnchovie

    An address to The Cork Humanist Society regarding Scientology and False memory etc.

    I gave an address to the Cork Humanist Society yesterday afternoon. It went rather well. It is far too long to post here directly so I have posted the link to my website where the full briefing can be read at your leisure. Happy reading. :eyeroll:
  13. Nicole

    Little kids getting hurt

    Last weekend I have talked to people about childhood in Scientology. One person in the audience asked me about the behaviour of her daughter who is since 20 years in. On one of her visits, her grandchild has fallen from a chair. The kid cried, the mother let the kid fall again. She doesn't want...
  14. JBWriter

    Scientology - This Lifetime because...?

    Would someone be able to point me to a thread/post/site that describes why the stated goals/aims of scientology* are to be completed in this lifetime? (*Whether as stated by hubbard or miscavige.) Thanks, JB.
  15. AnonyMary

    Roz Cohn - 'I was in, I got taken, I finally left, and why' - Cabaret Comedy style

    Passing along another vocal public announcement in Hollywood :) Former long time Scientologist and film and stage actress Roslyn Cohn ( aka Roz Cohn ) recently made a very public announcement against Scientology in this very funny and sometimes poignant workshop performance last month at the...
  16. Jump

    L Ron Hubbard Presents . . .

    Anybody remember "Alfred Hitchcock presents"? It used to feature a different horror story each week on TV. Hope one day to see "Ron Hubbard Presents..." Each week could be a story about someone`s experiences in Scientology. No shortage of stories. No shortage of horror. This was...
  17. Anonycat

    PIP 1954 lectures - audio files 12 files.
  18. Anonycat

    1,000 lectures 1950 - 1960 inclusive

    I found a pretty complete lot of audio files of early lectures. My only advice is: if you think you may want to refer to it in the future, get it now. These things have historically come and gone pretty fast. It looks like it starts with 5008C30...
  19. Anonycat

    KSW - Keep Scientology Working

    Handwritten: Typed:
  20. Anonycat

    The Corporations of Scientology

    The Corporations of Scientology. 28 pages.
  21. Anonycat

    Can We Ever Be Friends?

    Can We Ever Be Friends? Audio:
  22. Anonycat

    The Role of Earth

  23. Anonycat

    Ron: There is a Heaven and it's an Implant Station

    HUBBARD COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE Saint Hill Manor, East grinstead, Sussex Central Orgs. Franchise HCO BULLETIN OF MAY 11, AD 13 ROUTINE 3 HEAVEN Well, I have been to heaven. And I've found that Scientologists have been to Heaven. And that everybody has evidently been to Heaven. The Goals...
  24. What's It All About

    Sounds like Hubbard was bisexual Posted by "Pippi": "The author Gore Vidal has taken a pot shot or two at Ron Hubbard and Scientology over the years, and now in a novel historical revelation, I surmise why! Gore had an, uhhhmm, run in with Ron. Both Gore and Ron...
  25. K

    Enlightened( well researched) view of Hubbard and Scientology

    My introduction to Hubbard and Scientology was when I interviewed for a job as a chiropractor with a Scientologist/Chiropractor in Old Town Chicago. I first met with this guy who we will call Steve A. When he came into the room he was tall and well dressed and I can still remember this fatefull...
  26. M

    Hubbard and Far-Right politics

    I don't know if anybody has mentioned it, but something has to be mentioned about Hubbard's like or simpatico-ness with far-Right ideas. It's my understanding that on one version of the tone scale Hubbard has Fascists slightly above Communists. I'm not saying that Hubbard was an ideologue of...
  27. A

    link for Paul Morantz article : Escape from L Ron Hubbard Way Just found this :) Morantz is a US lawyer specializing in cults and brainwashing . He wrote this article in July 2011 . If the link doesnt work check out his site
  28. G


  29. Lermanet_com

    How to exit a woman from scientology - Volney vs Hubbard's Tone scale - Trap Exposed

    Consider the implication of the following claim...of this change... of this alteration...of prior art: In the Book of E-meter Drills (i believe it was here) there is a note by Hubbard stating that the MEN read 3.0 on the TA knob of the E-meter and that WOMEN read at 2.0 on the TA knob as...
  30. V

    Hubbard's biggest withhold