1. V

    Hubbard, understood

    Hubbard was not evil. Hubbard was not good. Hubbard was a human being, - Just like you and me. Hubbard wanted money and power. - Who doesn't? The fact that so many gullible young people fell for it doesn't make Hubbard evil, does it?
  2. The Great Zorg

    Nitty Gritty Down-and-Dirty Scientology Poll

    Here's the dividing line at ESMB, a chance to look at how many camps are here. I will try and set the poll results as private so no one can see who voted on what, to avoid complications. The poll: Does Scientology Work? This poll will close in 30 days.
  3. The Great Zorg

    Simon Wiesenthal Center and Tom Cruise

    The upcoming fund raising dinner by the Simon Wiesnthal Center in Los Angeles and their Museum of Tolerance honoring Tom Cruise is now starting to take a turn in the light of more articles on the event. I stumbled across this link at WWP this morning. What an article! H S! Epic Win! My mouth...
  4. SweetnessandLight

    Stop Calling People Wogs!

    PLEASE, Stop Calling People Wogs! I'm taking up a bit of space and your time :) for a REALLY TEACHABLE MOMENT that arose on another thread regarding Scientologist's use of the word "wog" to describe people not in COS. This post is from the Candy Swanson on Hubbard thread, but I think the topic...
  5. The Great Zorg

    Happy Healthy Successful & the scientology cult

    Here's a rather intersting link regarding scientology. :yes: It starts out neutral but then gets into the truth about the cult. :yes: Interesting read:
  6. The Great Zorg

    Picture Of The Day March 15 2011

    Just another thought.... how about a pic of the day, or week, or month? This one tore at my heart: I HAD TO OP it! I just had to! To the Anon's; God bless you all, please! :yes: :thumbsup: :bigcry:
  7. The Great Zorg

    Critics Memorial

    Here's an idea :idea: ... how about a RIP CRITICS OF THE "CHURCH" OF SCIENTOLOGY <spit>? I was just watching a video of John Sweeney and his interview with Shawn Lonsdale. I started thinking that Shawn may have had a record and some questionable sexual activities but he was a human being and...
  8. Infinite

    Marty Rathbun - Wrong WHO and the wrong WHY

    It seems any criticism Larry Wright has about L Ron Hubbard and his insane tech can be put down to David Miscavige - well, that's according to Marty Rathbun. Thing is, as well know, nothing David Miscavige has done falls outside of L Ron Hubbard's scripture and/or real-life example. Hubbard...
  9. V

    What is Scientology?

    Let's share our views on what Scientology is. To some apparently, to some obviously, it is *not* what it's been proclaimed to be. Where, in/from Scientology, is promised Eternity? Where is Total Freedom? Where are those Superhuman (OT) Abilities? Where and what are Human Beings, Human Kind...
  10. The Great Zorg

    Left Decades Ago, Deprogramming for 3 Years

    Hi. Yikes! I started crying as I began to write this intro... wtf? My mind and decades of my life have been destroyed by Co$. I realized only 3 years ago that virtually EVERYTHING I had learned in $cientology was and is a lie. Then came the dizzy gut wrenching beginning of my return to...