human trafficking

  1. Albion

    Infinite Complacency on human trafficking

    Just kicked off a short series of human trafficking with a piece looking at a recent case out of London that suggests police are not familiar with cultic abuse. The first piece does not deal directly with Scientology, but I should get to that next time around... Invisible Handcuffs British...
  2. Type4_PTS

    Human Trafficking on the Freewinds

    I'm cross-posting a story in full here from that Karen de la Carriere (Karen#1) had linked to in another thread. It was written by Bill Straass, former Mechanics Chief on the Freewinds. Here is a link to the original article as well as to the comments...
  3. The Great Zorg

    Happy Healthy Successful & the scientology cult

    Here's a rather intersting link regarding scientology. :yes: It starts out neutral but then gets into the truth about the cult. :yes: Interesting read:
  4. A

    Human Trafficking Law Project

    The University of Michigan has started a Human Trafficking Law project and held a symposium last weekend. I think this may be a good opportunity for exes to tell their stories and get their stories on record, especially those who started in the S.O. at a young age. I feel there are many...
  5. Type4_PTS

    FBI Interviewed: Amy Scobee,Mike Rinder,Tom DeVocht, Jeff Hawkins and Gary Morehead!!

    I apologize in advance if this info was in one of the related threads: (if it is, mods, please put it in correct thread. :nervous:) This is from the SP Times: "Five former church staffers confirmed Monday that the FBI...
  6. AnonyMary

    Live: The Edge interview on Human Trafficking- Fri Dec 17th-12:30 EST

    Live: The Edge interview on Human Trafficking- Fri Dec 17th-12:30 EST If you miss the show, you can find the link to the Mp3 afterwards here on Tom's site Tom Smith is the producer and host of The Edge, a radio program broadcast on WXYB AM in...