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  1. Enthetan

    Miscavige changes course: All remaining Scientology orgs to go ‘Ideal’ at the same time(Tony Ortega)

    New from Tony Ortega's Underground Bunker Miscavige changes course: All remaining Scientology orgs to go ‘Ideal’ at the same time “Doing it all simultaneously.” This cryptic slogan showed up at an “Ideal Org Convention” for Canada last week. But it’s becoming clear that this is a message...
  2. Albion

    New Birmingham Ideal Org: any local ex-members out there?

    Hi folks, Posting here as I don't see a recent thread on this. As I'm now based in Birmingham, looking to contact anyone involved in the Birmingham protest next weekend -- but also any local ex-members, or folk who have worked at the Birmingham org. I want to do a series of stories, starting...
  3. Free to shine

    Scientology's Aussie recruitment fortress - Sydney (Chatswood)

    This is an excellent 4 minute segment from Australian show A Current Affair about the new "Ideal Org" featuring our lovely Carla. Apparently due to open in September. Don't you love the way the media have already defined it as "a fortress"...
  4. John McGhee

    Billy Drummond (ex-sci) warns Plymouth public about their local cult's plans
  5. mnql1

    "Scientology lands in force in Colombia" (Bogotá ideal org opening July 5, 2015)

    Translation of a Spanish article posted on Sunday, June 28, 2015 on the website of the Bogotá daily newspaper El Tiempo La Cienciología aterriza con fuerza en Colombia
  6. mnql1

    Montreal Church of Scientology in financial difficulty

    Translation of a French article posted on May 6, 2015 on the website of the Montreal business newspaper Les Affaires: L'Église de scientologie de Montréal en difficultés financières
  7. Infinite

    Auckland Ideal Org Inspection

    .. A small crew from Anonymous carries out a quick inoculation raid before meeting up with Ex Scientology legend Lance Hoskins for an inspection of the Auckland Ideal org . . .
  8. mnql1

    Pierre Robillard criticizes Montreal's ideal org

    This is an unofficial translation of a message written in French by Pierre Robillard, a former Executive Director of the Montreal org. The message was sent to over 200 Quebec Scientologists and was posted on July 28, 2013 on the website. Robillard criticizes David...
  9. WhatWall

    Agenda - Ultimate Ideal Org Alliance at Flag

    Lots to feast on here: Talk about running the gauntlet - Any guesses on how much $$$ the OT Committee members will part with before leaving Flag?
  10. Jim Little

    St Louis Idle Org - You Need To Pay Your 2011 Taxes $53,485.67 You guys paid 1.9 million for this building in 2007, and now it appears to be worth 1.5 million. I would assume that every year...
  11. M

    Video of the La Mesa Ideal Org ruins (YouTube)

    Here is a video of California's greatest wreck, the former campus of Coleman College, located at 7380 Parkway Drive.
  12. Zhent

    Leak: Melbourne Staff 2011 (LOTS OF IMAGES)

    Warning: This thread may take a while to load, if you are on dial-up or have a slow computer give up now! An incomplete list of Melbourne Ideal Org (Day & FDN) staff and relevant promo. Warning: Wall of promo may make some nauseous. Really tragic to see so many young people on this...
  13. gridlock

    Melbourne: 12th of February. (hitting Ascot Vale again)

    Protest on Saturday, 12th of February. Sorry, once again, for the late notice. The event was only created a few hours ago and has gotten alot of attention. :D
  14. Free to shine

    Melbourne Idle Org Opening Thread Merge Check the link for the video on the opening of Melbourne org tomorrow. Reasonably balanced from ACA. The locals have been invited to come see what it's all about, they seem more concerned about parking. :D
  15. mnql1

    Mexico City ideal org opening, July 10, 2010

    Translation of a Spanish article from the Mexican daily newspaper El Universal, July 10, 2010. La Cienciología estrena templo y pide ser Iglesia - El Universal - Cultura
  16. myrklix


    Since there's no thread on Boston I thought I'd start one. Being a newbie I'm not sure if cross-posting (so I don't repeat myself) is o.k. so let me know if there's a better way. There's news of Boston I've posted in this other thread as well as some embedded text from OCMB's Org Patrol...