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  1. Alanzo

    Karen De La Carriere's Career in the Defense Department

    4 or 5 years ago, I wrote a blog post about Karen De La Carriere called "Did Indy OSA Just Screw the Pooch? Marty Rathbun & Karen De La Carriere" Here is an extended excerpt: Back in 2010, when Karen De La Carriere (Indy OSA herself) was calling me on the phone, trying to get me to stop...
  2. johnAnchovie

    The long goodbye

    The lovely Sallydance, aka Glenda told me the board would close. It was she that encouraged me to express my thoughts here. So, here are my thoughts. ESMB provided me a kind of Halfway House experience as I sought to grapple with the bewildering world that I encountered upon cutting ties with...
  3. Free to shine

    Aussie census of scientologists and Int Base closing?

    From the Underground Bunker. Int Base:
  4. C

    New Gold Base article on Wikipedia

    Following my write-up of The Hole (Scientology), which will be on Wikipedia's front page in a few hours, I've tackled the much bigger topic of Gold Base itself - it's quite a long piece, so make sure you've got a cup of coffee in your hand first! The new article is at...
  5. Karen#1

    Mark Bunker ~~ Dauntless, Defiant and Resolute

    Yesterday (Labor Day 2011) an Indie friend of mine, ex RTC ~~ Years and Years at INT Base went back to INT BASE for the first time..... OVERHEAD ! By Mark Bunker an aerial tour. Mark Bunker of "Knowledge Report" Documentary wanted his own aerial video of infamous INT...
  6. Ulf K. Maier

    Drawing parallels between life at Int Base and the old series "The Prisoner"

    Hello, all :hattip: Anyone knowledgeable want to try drawing parallels between life at the Int Base and the old TV series "The Prisoner", if they exist? For those who have never seen that series, it's very much worth a viewing. I myself have the series on DVD, and watch it maybe once a...