1. R

    Fair Gamed by Scientologists in the Boston area

    I've never been a Scientologist, and I've never even read Dianetics. I've also never said anything negative about Scientology as far as I can remember. It hasn't even been on my radar. However, I find myself being constantly fair gamed by Scientologists and am not sure why it is happening. It...
  2. mawena

    Just seeing what I can do

    Hi everyone, I've never been personally connected to Scientology in any way but I'm really interested in getting active in the fight against it. The closest I came was in my senior year of high school when I friend of mine started talking about a book he just read, Dianetics. As he was...
  3. A

    Greetings Earthlings

    I'm more of a voyeur but I have to post a couple of times before I can voy so here is one of them. Fairly typical story. I was a $cientologst for 20 years. I spent a TON of money for services and IAS donations. Made it to Clear a couple of times. Did all the L's. I'd gladly exchange the...
  4. meekodev

    Long time lurker

    I've been involved with the anti-Co$ movement since the early days of Usenet. Also done RL protests. Although I was never in, I did spend a year in another cult, the messiach arm of Chabad as a child. This caused me to a lifelong research of cults and how they can rope anyone in. The reason...
  5. S

    Hello from Central Europe - an artist getting back to life

    Deleted, and here are the reasons for that:
  6. D

    The Tale of Discrepant

    DISCLAIMER: This wall of text introduces me and describes why I protest. I'm not an ex. I was never abused. You'll find nothing exciting here. I first encountered IRL anonymous sometime around February of '09 at Powell BART stress test raids. My first experience with the Scilons was unpleasant...