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  1. Jim Little

    Jim and Meshell Little's SP Tour Video Interview From St Louis, Missouri
  2. Jim Little

    Sarah Coziahr - The Hypocrite

    Sarah Coziahr, the reason my step-son, Jeremy Powers disconnected from his mom, sister, and grandma. I could say it was due to Scientology and that would be true as well, but if Sarah Coziahr would have been a Mormon, Catholic, or Baptist then that is what Jeremy would have been too. He is as...
  3. Jim Little

    Jeremy Powers – 2 Years After Shunning

    This post was written by my wife yesterday to her son that marks 2 years that he disconnected from his family. My son, Jeremy, I’m thinking of you today. I’m a bit upset today, so here’s fair warning. But, since it preaches it, use your Scientology confront to confront how others feel, in...
  4. Jim Little

    Jeremy Powers - Go See Your Dad

    My wife, Meshell, posted this on her Facebook wall yesterday. Just to clarify I am Jeremy's step-father, and his biological father is the one in the hospital. OSA - Flap Warning! I'm about to go to ALL media in the St. Louis area and make a huge scene about how Scientology won't let the...
  5. Jim Little

    Scientology's Goons: Intimidating a 71-Year-Old Missouri Grandmother

    This is my family that Tony wrote about this morning. Thank you Tony. ​On December 29, the Church of Scientology-Missouri's media relations officer, Ellen Maher-Forney, and another executive, Jill James, drove the 40 minutes it takes to go from the church on Delmar Boulevard in St. Louis to...