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    Jim and Meshell Little's SP Tour Video Interview From St Louis, Missouri

  2. Jim Little

    Doubt Formula - For The City of St Louis

    Hello Everyone, I have put together a wordpress blog that I hope will become popular when the City of St Louis goes looking for information on Scientology. I am also sure that the St Louis staff and public have been here looking as well. So, I would just like to say hello to them and let you...
  3. Jim Little

    Time For Me To Fly

    Hello Everyone, It's time for me to leave the board and subject of Scientology. I have come to the point where I do not love nor do I hate Scientology. It was an experience that I chose to be a part of for 22 years, and I chose to disconnect from Scientology. Every decision I made in...
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    Is the St Louis Org at the breaking point?

    Do we have any St Louis Org staff or public lurking here because you finally applied the doubt formula? Are you finally at your breaking point with the endless fundraising for donations which they are now calling gifts? Its hard to resolve your doubts and confusions because you are not...
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    Scientology's Goons: Intimidating a 71-Year-Old Missouri Grandmother

    This is my family that Tony wrote about this morning. Thank you Tony. ​On December 29, the Church of Scientology-Missouri's media relations officer, Ellen Maher-Forney, and another executive, Jill James, drove the 40 minutes it takes to go from the church on Delmar Boulevard in St. Louis to...
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    I Am Not

    I had posted this over on my personal blog a few days ago, but I thought I would share it with my friends here as well. Almost one year ago, on June 29th, 2010 my wife, step-daughter, and myself walked away from the corrupt corporation known as the Church of Scientology in St. Louis...
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    My Anonymous Interview About Scientology

    On March 12, 2011 I visited the Anonymous protest outside the Church of Scientology in St. Louis as it was wrapping up. They asked me if they could interview me and tell my story. It is unscripted which you can probably tell by all the ah's and and's that came out of my mouth. Also I could...
  8. Jim Little

    Big Trouble From The "Little SP's" - The Real Story

    This is the story of Jim Little, Meshell Little (Powers), Heather Powers and grandmother, Edie Fields of St. Louis, Missouri. This is the real story of how we went from being 22-year veteran Scientologists to quietly resigning from the structure known as the Church of Scientology on June 29...
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    Jim Little - Ex-Cult Member St. Louis

    Hello, My name is Jim Little, and I was a member of the Cult of Scientology for 22 years. It started back in 1989 while I was living in San Jose, CA and I bought the book Dianetics. Mostly a public member with a few attempts to be on staff over the last 22 years, but never more than a few...