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  1. S

    Toronto "Going Clear" aka S.P. Woodstock

    Yes, it's been a while, but magic takes time.We thank you for your continued patience and support - know that soon, the conference speeches will be available to watch on Vimeo for a small fee. Please understand that said small fee is to cover some BIG debt, because magic ain't cheap, neither...
  2. Albion

    Infinite Complacency: new post on academics and Scientology

    Have pulled Infinite Complacency out of hibernation for a piece on academics and how they approach Scientology, which touches on the broader question of the "cult wars" in academia. French Scientologist Eric Roux is increasingly being invited to address academic conferences to give the...
  3. John McGhee

    DECLARED!! Longtime UK scientologist and former OSA agent

    What is the church's reason for this I wonder?
  4. Caroline

    Jon Atack and Steve Hassan discuss his 2013 edition of his book, A Piece of Blue Sky

    Thank you, Steve and Jon! Fascinating interview.
  5. Lermanet_com

    Jon Atack on BBC-1 Sun Morning Ten am UK time, channeling Dr Hubbard

    See Jon Atack, author of A Piece of Blue Sky channeling Dr Hubbard on the Big Questions TV Show Sunday morning, on BBC1, at ten am (UK time) .