kirstie alley

  1. Smurf

    Kirstie Alley returns with new TV show in December... Rhea Perlman (her co-star on 'Cheers').. Kirstie is an upcoming American sitcom on TV Land, starring Kirstie Alley, that is scheduled to premiere on December 4, 2013. Kirstie revolves around Madison "Maddie" Banks (Alley), a renowned Broadway star who finds her life...
  2. C

    Kirstie Alley's Diet Business in Los Feliz Goes Belly Up

    Signs posted on Kirstie Alley's "Organic Liaison" diet and vitamin business indicate that the space is for lease and that they are "moving to a new location." The shop is a 5 minute walk to the Big Blue Scientology Building on Sunset. I live in the neighborhood, and during the time the...
  3. Emma

    Kirstie Alley on Twitter

    I recently started following Kirstie Alley on Twitter (for obvious reasons) but I'm going to have to unfollow her as she basically clogs up my feed with spamming of her ridiculous nonsense 24/7. Doesn't she have a life? I mean seriously, she puts out more tweets than news agencies who get paid...
  4. Mimsey Borogrove

    Jenna's ELFMAN's sex life

    What is going on with the Scientology celebs and sex? On one hand you have Kiristy Alley discussing her sex life / past BF's diminuitve penis sizes on Leno, and now Jenna Elfman's bragging about boffing hubby once a week. Say nothing of Cruise missile's botched marriges and Travotla's mishaps...
  5. Mest Lover

    Parallism amongst SCN celebrity roles?

    I find the plot in this movie: "Family Sins" to be one of Kirstie Alley's best portrayal as DM in a ripped from real Scientology true story and captured in a parallel universe on a different scale. Was she not aware of the similarities? Am I...
  6. Arthur Dent

    Opportunity to send a message to Oprah about Scientology

    You can leave your comments. Maybe she hasn't heard about the violence, OSA or the missing.... Don't rant or they won't print it but it may be a good way to get word to her. Have at it!|main5|dl2|sec1_lnk1|64521
  7. C

    Kirstie Alley says to Leno that she lost 60 pounds on her Organic Liaison program She talks also about John Travolta and what kind of men she likes. What do you think about her hair? Should she cut it or do you think it looks good on her? I keep this posting on a neutral level because I don't want to influence either one of you.
  8. Smurf

    Grand Opening Party, Organic Liaison, Los Angeles - March 9, 2011

    Contact: LAURA FOX • celebrate • FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [/B]KIRSTIE ALLEY OPENS ORGANIC LIASON: STELLAR GALA & STREET PARTY - BEST OF RAW PRESENTS ‘THE SUSTAINABLE FEAST’ TO VIPS & CELEBS[/B] Celebs walk the pink carpet • The public is invited to enjoy food, music...
  9. T

    Organic Liaison front for $cientology? (Kirstie Alley)

    Huffington Post had a link on their web-site today for an article about Kirstie Alley and her weight loss company Organic Liaison. Apparently Alley feels blindsided by the Today SHow for asking her if there is any link between Scientology and her weight loss company, she denies any link or...