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  1. Caroline

    Letter: L. Ron Hubbard to BBB Director, Washington DC (November 16, 1957)

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  2. Caroline

    Your Purple Hearts will tell on you...

    Gerry responded to an article yesterday in the Belleville News-Democrat: Iraq War veteran lied his way to a Purple Heart and $750,000 (August 26, 2016). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cS4LCoh0VGQ
  3. AnonKat

    Psychiatry and Psychology in the Writings of L. Ron Hubbard

    https://whyweprotest.net/community/threads/psychiatry-and-psychology-in-the-writings-of-l-ron-hubbard.51960/#post-2301007 Psychiatry and Psychology in the Writings of L. Ron Hubbard SpringerLink - Journal Article Journal Journal of Religion and Health Publisher...
  4. Caroline

    L. Ron Hubbard: Official Personnel Military Record

    These documents were received in response to a 2012 FOIA request made to the National Archives and Records Administration. These pdf files for download came on CD from the NARA. 01: Service documents: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?cw8scd6l87rcatd 02: Service documents...
  5. Caroline

    L. Ron Hubbard USN Medical Record

    Here's a copy of Hubbard's USN medical record I obtained through a FOIA request I submitted in 2012 to the National Archives and Records Administration: http://www.mediafire.com/view/?809xnrx91ymboed. (~30 MB). This record is part of Hubbard's OMPF (Official Military Personnel File).
  6. AnonKat

    The Compulsion to Repeat the Trauma

    http://www.cirp.org/library/psych/vanderkolk/ The Compulsion to Repeat the Trauma Re-enactment, Revictimization, and Masochism Bessel A. van der Kolk, MD* During the formative years of contemporary psychiatry much attention was paid to the continuing role of past traumatic experiences...
  7. Caroline

    L. Ron Hubbard's Affirmations: 1984 Armstrong trial transcript excerpts

    Related thread: Affirmations - new Wikipedia article I'll add some references to Hubbard's Affirmations, from the Armstrong 1 trial, summations. THE COURT: Judge Paul G. Breckenridge. MR. LITT: Barrett S. Litt. Attorney representing Mary Sue Hubbard. MR. FLYNN: Michael Flynn. Attorney...
  8. C

    Affirmations - new Wikipedia article

    I've written a new Wikipedia article on Hubbard's notorious "Affirmations" - something which I've been itching to cover for years. It's at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affirmations_(L._Ron_Hubbard). Enjoy!
  9. Caroline

    Ron the Sickie (1975)

    Hubbard’s hospitalization in Willemstad, Curaçao in the Netherlands Antilles has been known about for many years. Tony Ortega just mentioned it in his obituary for Kima Douglas: These three documents that someone sent Gerry some time ago contain useful dates and other data relating to this...
  10. Caroline

    Jon Atack and Steve Hassan discuss his 2013 edition of his book, A Piece of Blue Sky

    Thank you, Steve and Jon! Fascinating interview.
  11. MostlyLurker

    L. Ron Hubbard for Real: Personal Stories

    I think Glenn Samuels with his Return to Freedom blog is doing a great service to scientologists letting the truth come out. L. Ron Hubbard for Real: Personal Stories"A lot has been written lately honoring L. Ron Hubbard and his birth 100 years ago. What I read was a romanticized version...
  12. AnonKat

    L. Ron Hubbard had "Combat Fatigue" ?

    Would explain alot actually http://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2011/02/07/larry-wright-and-the-new-yorker/#comment-104720 http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/127295/combat-fatigue
  13. G

    Dr Gene Denk - L Ron Hubbard's Personal Physician

    Who was/is Dr. Gene Denk, who was Hubbard's personal physician? What's his story? I knew him and saw him personally several times as a doctor in the later 70s and early 80s at Shaw Health Center on Fountain Avenue in LA, down the street from the complex. He was a different man before he...
  14. AnonKat

    AnonKat - The Doomsday Moderator

    I hereby nominate myself to be the benign King of ESMB My reign will be as fair as L. Ron Hubbard's was
  15. J

    It Still Ain't Over

    Thanks for all, but I am still a tyro here. I posted a reply which seems to have gone to the wrong cyber cubbyhole. Here it is: more about A storm is coming to the desert. The electronic devices in Hemet won't protect against this sort of Santa Ana tornado because Ron did not create...
  16. Gadfly

    So Mystic, WHO made the Tulpa known as L. Ron Hubbard?

    Mystic, I did some reading today on Tulpas. I have some questions, and I am hoping that you, or someone else, may be able to answer me. Apparently there are the many tulpas, that are vague, shadowy manifestations of thought forms, such as ghosts, things that appear at seances, etc. Hubbard...
  17. AnonKat

    Irv Lande Interview - Dianetics, L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology, Freud

    "The Reason I'm Telling You All of This Is..." Irv Lande Interview 11.22.09 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxo3XF9Gqs8 Early Dianetics with L. Ron Hubbard - Irv Lande Interview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BS74fIIDw94 Irv Lande 11.22.09 - P47N and The Bomb...
  18. Z

    Prisoner of Ron

    Jeff Jacobsen has webbed a very bizarre 'PTS Type III handling from November, 1970, with a lot of LRH direct instruction. This *is* Scientology. http://www.lisamcpherson.org/scans/isolation_case_1.pdf Favorite quote so far: 'Never heard anyone given a rest complain so much (joke)'...
  19. AnonKat

    L. Ron Hubbard, left, and John W. Campbell

  20. Hubbardianen

    Did LRH use drugs?

    This has probably been discussed somewhere else. My question is: What hard evidence are there? I know about the following: LRH wrote in a letter to his wife that he was "drinking rum and popping pinks and greys". LRH had Vistaril in his blood at autopsy. (Perhaps this was an excusable drug...
  21. AnonKat

    L. Ron Hubbard predicted Neuroplasticity?

  22. AnonKat

    Leak: 6502C23 - Level VII

    Posted by OhSahon WWP. Quality not optimum: Anyone have a BETTER recording ? http://forums.whyweprotest.net/123-leaks-legal/leak-6502c23-level-vii-71564/#post1320645 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Y4SPCTV0
  23. AnonKat

    Scientology vs. Anthroposophy

    Scientology vs. Anthroposophy (Lafayette Ron Hubbard vs. Rudolf Steiner) http://uncletaz.com/hubbstein.html
  24. AnonKat

    The Factors - Scientology's Genesis

    I am looking forward to input and discussion. http://www.bonafidescientology.org/Append/01/page03.htm http://www.bonafidescientology.org/Append/01/page03.htm
  25. AnonKat

    The Scientology Clamshell Starts to Crack

    The Scientology Clamshell Starts to Crack by Lilit Marcus, July 5, 2009 [B]MOAR ![/B]: http://www.jewcy.com/post/scientology_clamshell_starts_crack
  26. AnonKat

    L Ron Hubbard orders R2-45 on 12 people

    http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/9857/r245b.jpg http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R2-45
  27. AnonKat

    Possible origins for Dianetics and Scientology

    http://home.snafu.de/tilman/j/origins6.html http://home.snafu.de/tilman/j/origins6.html
  28. AnonKat


    Go to this Webpage and fill in where it says Corporate Name and Scientology in the Empty Bar and Bricks will be Shat. http://kepler.sos.ca.gov/cbs.aspx Results of search for " SCIENTOLOGY " returned 151 entity records. Entity Number Date Filed Status Entity Name Agent for Service of...
  29. AnonKat

    Calling Darwinian Theory an Implant.

    Calling Darwinian theory an implant. I am lost for words. I thought the religion implant 3 D theathers where lulzy because I am not a fan of organized religion but even a con man needs to know when to stop jeezz.:melodramatic: “Now the Darwinian theory—now, I’ll give you some idea of the...
  30. AnonKat

    David Mayo - Non-Metered Auditing

    David Mayo 8 February 1986 Auditing without an E-meter. Long Lecture, 1:47:44 Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7_yoSULpLY Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HE8A2Sx63gk Part 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Br5-9E-ckxU Part 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXsv5fdGlCg...