1. Free to shine

    Twenty Things Judges Have Said About Scientology

    A nice round-up of quotable quotes! Example: [/B]
  2. jojo

    Beheadings, Hangings, Shootings Oh My!

    According to Karen Pouw, the courts are not allowed to get involved with the ethics and justice handlings of the church. So if there is testimony about beatings, torture and forced abortions, that is strictly ministerial justice handlings and cannot be interfered with. This means anything goes...
  3. M

    CCHR/Others and Legal Statute Recommendations?

    I'm taking a Law of Mental Health class this (final) semester, very laid back, very interesting. We "get" to write a paper on essentially whatever we want, assuming it has something to do with the field of mental health and the law. Seeing as how I've been quietly studying Scientology for a...