1. M

    Stevens Creek Mission - 1979 - 1981. Looking for David Morse, Phil Mcyntire, Jim Leak.

    All were at my wedding 37 years ago. Dave married us & Jim was my best man. Phil had signed me up and was a close friend.
  2. Anonycat

    HCOB 1950 - 1984

    http://www.mediafire.com/?t28obc6b9j6jl HCOBs from 1950 to 1984 inclusive. 11 files in the set, all pdf.
  3. S

    EXCALIBUR - Does it really exist? Seen it? On the net?

    Seriously, does Excalibur actually exist? Has it ever leaked? Have any of you ever seen it? From a curiosity standpoint I would like to read it.
  4. Zhent

    The IAS's monthly money-leeching plan

    Someone gave this to me to post here. It is a nefarious thing, the IAS now encourages public to sign up to recurring donation plans that are fully automated. And here is another similar IAS form I have collected: I don't know about you, but handing the Church of Scientology...
  5. Zhent

    MELBOURNE Org Newsletter/Promo Leak Thread

    Welcome to the golden age of leaks. Are you interested in seeing whats happening inside Melbourne Ideal Org? Seeing a well oiled propaganda machine in motion? Being shocked at how unbelievably out of touch with reality the modern Scientology cult is? Enjoy analysing any leaks from the inside...
  6. Zhent

    Leak: Scientology Census 2012 Questionaire

    LOL what a silly census! Look at that question on car accidents! :hysterical: Can see the PR headlines now... "Its a fact - Scientology reduces car accidents" :eyeroll: Oh and I love how there are no science or media occupations. Gee I wonder why...
  7. Zhent

    Leak: Dianetics and Scientology 2011 Catalog Price List (UK + ANZO)

    Two offerings: The Dianetics and Scientology materials catalog for Holiday 2011, including price lists, for ANZO and the UK. The UK one is a simple 4 page price list and order form while the ANZO edition is a massive 76 page booklet and goes into much detail of the items. Screenshots and...
  8. Zhent

    Leak: Melbourne Staff 2011 (LOTS OF IMAGES)

    Warning: This thread may take a while to load, if you are on dial-up or have a slow computer give up now! An incomplete list of Melbourne Ideal Org (Day & FDN) staff and relevant promo. Warning: Wall of promo may make some nauseous. Really tragic to see so many young people on this...
  9. Zhent

    ANZO NYE event leak and current scene (Sydney & Melbourne & Perth)

    You are probably a bit distracted with a certain other leak... but here is some news from ANZO. Sydney first: Wow, sure looks like Sydney is having a good time! Highest ever attendees! Highest ever since the last event I guess? They employed some clever photography, but a close look reveals...
  10. Zhent

    AOSH ANZO Pricelists 1985-2006

    A collection of AOSH ANZO Pricelists from 1985-2006 from Advance! AOSH ANZO magazine inserts. 16 pricelists in total, unfortunately not evenly spread out over the 21 years. Download zip: http://www.mediafire.com/?34zwpv8fz6e8ni1 I tried to do a quick analysis of the cost changes in a...
  11. Zhent

    Assorted ANZO dox 1982

    I received some old documents from an ex on this board, I have since digitised them :) The set includes: ANZO Buccaneers Birthday Game Results 1982. Here is an artwork sample - Classic artwork, you don't see 'em like that anymore. Great pirate lingo as well: "Ahoy 'me Bucco's its...
  12. E

    Get my drift?

    I have already given out too much information about myself. People are questioning, quite interesting. I know there are others like me. Would be nice if there were addresses that people with info they want to get out could safely sent to so it could be published and know without outing the...